A Paradigm Shift.

Real success with ERP and CRM is achieved through focused efforts to evolve systems, business processes and user productivity over time.When these three forces are evolving together in lockstep you can achieve sustained business performance improvements, especially as your company grows and new needs emerge.

Catherine Ruby
Rick Hansen Institute
Kristin MacMillan
Imprint Plus
Don Holmstrom
Walker Bay
Walid Salem
SilverBirch Hotels and Resorts

Agile and Lean.

Catapult aligns your initial investments with only the most critical software conversion and process improvement goals. We work hard to fully understand your business, evolving as you grow and transforming your overall operations.

Deployments are scaled to focus on core operations

Just the capabilities you need to run your business

Costs are kept lower and under control

A smarter way to invest in these solutions

Employee distractions are reduced

Avoiding productivity-drops while resources are diverted from day-to-day tasks

Time to launch is significantly reduced

The heavy lifting of change management and process redesign is shifted post-deployment

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