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Our four stage framework will launch your business into an overnight success

This easy-to-navigate Success Framework guides our customers through four critical stages that build towards successful adoption of a tailor made Dynamics 365 business solution

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    Research and Selection

    Solutions derive value from the problems they solve or the opportunities they create.
    • Requirements Validation
    • Solution Research and Analysis
    • Implementation scoping
    • Budgeting

    At this stage we focus on surfacing your true business needs along with the outcomes and measures of success. We help you understand how Microsoft Dynamics 365 can support your vision and enable your people to deliver the best business performance possible.

    Learn Stage Key Benefits
    • Access to experts. Go ahead and pick our brains.
    • Be heard. Every business is unique, we want to know your story.
    • Validate the platform. Get a Dynamics 365 solution recommendation.
    • Budget wisely. We provide comprehensive, transparent, and accountable pricing.
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    Onboarding & Implementation

    Our Lean Deployment implementation methodology gets you live quickly with the capabilities you need to engineer overnight success.
    • Solution Design
    • Configuration
    • Testing
    • End-User Training
    • Deployment

    Whether you’re moving from QuickBooks, a legacy Dynamics product or something else, our implementation teams will guide your business through a “lift and shift” experience that will make you wonder why you waited so long.

    Load Stage Key Benefits
    • Front office to back office and everything in between. We have you covered with comprehensive business process expertise.
    • Flexible and adaptable to change. We know that great ideas and inspiration can happen at any time.
    • Dedicated Project Management. Keep expectations aligned and projects moving towards their goals.
    • We've got an app for that. Out-of-the-box, 3rd party ISV solutions and custom capabilities, we've got options for every requirement.
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    Going Live

    It's time to buckle up. All systems are go for launch.
    • Solution testing and refinement
    • re-engineered business processes
    • settling in with Dynamics 365

    We know launch can be stressful for your business. After every Go-Live, we engage customers in Launch Management, a structured program of intensified support and defined workstreams aimed to ensure that the business and your key users can overcome typical change management challenges with the new software.

    Launch Stage Key Benefits
    • Functionality. Confirm that the system meets all requirements and performs according to specifications.
    • User Proficiency. Confirm users can confidently use the new software effectively to improve their workflow.
    • Business Processes. Confirm that the solution is effectively supporting process improvement goals.
    • Data insight. Build out operational reports, KPI dashboards and ensure that users have access to critical data and insights.
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    Level Up

    Improvement and Optimization

    You're flying now! Kudos deserved. Now level-up your game and perform at your best.
    • Responsive Support
    • Upgrades
    • Solution Enhancements
    • Advanced Training
    • Reporting

    At this stage you are running Dynamics 365, the wrinkles have been smoothed out, and things are humming along nicely. We work closely with customers at this stage to transition into Hypercare. As users become familiar with the software, and enhancements to your business processes are felt, we’ll continue working with your team to enhance the solution and align it to your evolving needs.

    Level Up Stage Key Benefits
    • Access expert support through our Dedicated Helpdesk.
    • Periodic solution reviews keep software and business aligned.
    • Ensure new team members get the training they need.
    • Harness your data with reporting, and operational insight.
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Blast into the future with Hypercare Support.

Our Hypercare support program ensures your continued success.

The efficiencies we explored at the Learn stage have taken hold, the camaraderie we forged during your Load stage is holding fast, and any anxiety you may have had during your Launch stage is behind you. It’s time to Level Up with Hypercare and keep that success going. Learn more about our ongoing Hypercare support program, designed to proactively ensure the smooth performance of your Dynamics 365 solution and be incredibly responsive to your team and evolving needs.

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