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Our Promise is Simple: Minimize Risk, Exceptional Delivery, and Unprecedented Support.

Our beliefs set us apart from IT services firms. We believe midsized businesses must stay at the forefront of technology to stay competitive, and they need access to expert consultants to thrive and grow in the face of global players.

We believe there is no one-size-fits-all solution – customers have unique needs and require creativity in solutioning. We believe in stepping into our customer’s complexity, forming long term partnerships that leverage our collective experience, knowledge, expertise to deliver the unprecedented results.

Partnership Built on Trust and Accountability

We believe partnership is based on a foundation of trusting, respecting, and liking each other, which must be built through successful interactions and experiences. We believe that successful software adoption and performance improvement is a journey, not a destination, and that through partnership we can provide access to the tools, skills, and capabilities customers need to scale their businesses.

Accountable Leadership

Catapult was founded by technology services industry veterans Elliot Fishman and Jeff Bacon. We noticed customers growing frustrated and weary of technology services companies that set high expectations and underdeliver. Customers are looking for specific business outcomes, reliability and accountability, transparency in fees, and delivery against expectations. It’s a simple equation and one that guides us in every aspect of running Catapult.

Unique Approach

Our Lean Deployment, Support, and Managed Services help you go live quickly and get the most from your investment in ERP and CRM. Let us help you take the training wheels off and get business productivity moving. We are talking about a paradigm shift. Real success with ERP and CRM is achieved through focused efforts to evolve systems, business processes, and user productivity. When these forces are evolving together in lockstep you can achieve sustained business performance improvements.

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