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Keeping up with customer expectations in today’s digital world is harder than ever, but with Dynamics 365 Customer Service, providing exceptional service is simple. Make your service agent’s work effortless with automated tools that provide the information they need to close cases faster and impress your customers with more personalized experiences.

Complete Customer Service In One Solution

  • Service Scheduling

  • Customer Experience Surveying

  • Case Management

  • Self-service Virtual Agents

  • Data Insight and Analysis

  • Real-time Sentiment Analysis

  • Knowledge Management

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Provide exceptional service effortlessly

With this all-in-one service solution, your team can easily deliver exceptional experiences to your customers on the channel of their choice.

Make managing cases and requests a seamless end-to-end experience with quick access to customer profiles, interaction histories and real time AI delivered insights to help agents make proactive recommendations. Whether it’s over voice call, email, text, or social networks, cross channel support capabilities allow you to reach your customers where they are.

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Save time with intelligent self-service

Free up your customer service team to deal with the most pressing issues by utilizing AI-powered virtual assistants, chatbot technologies, and knowledge libraries.

Conversational chatbots allow your team to quickly create in-house no-code solutions that automate your customer service while community portals and knowledge centers give your customers the opportunity to quickly find the answers they’re looking for whenever they need them.

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Build an in-depth understanding of your customer journeys

Get precise, real-time insights into your engagement performance and track your important KPIs to enhance your customer satisfaction.

Customizable dashboards and reporting will give you a new level of insight into interactions with your brand. Whether your monitoring conversational success with sentiment analysis, or analyzing customer behaviour to identify new engagement opportunities, Dynamics 365 Customer Service can provide a 360-degree view of your customer experiences.

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Our easy-to-navigate Success Framework guides our customers through four critical stages that build towards successful adoption of a tailor made Dynamics 365 business solution