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Providing Easier Access to Data with Dynamics 365 Sales & Power Automate

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales as a standalone solution is one of the most powerful CRM platforms available today, enabling salespeople to build strong relationships with their customers and take actions based on data insights. When coupled with the capabilities of Power Automate, the breadth of Dynamics 365 Sales capabilities widens significantly by providing endless automation possibilities beyond the out of the box Dynamics 365 functionality.

Recently a customer of ours presented a unique challenge. They needed a way to easily access and track detailed notes gathered on their prospects as they moved through their buying journey from Lead to Opportunity to Customer. This would require their Dynamics 365 Sales solution to list all records associated with a specific Lead, duplicate those records, and reassociate them with a newly created Opportunity or Contact as they were qualified to be customers.

Our customer, a healthcare platform provider, had a uniquely in-depth process for prospecting potential new customers. These potential customers, stored as Leads in their CRM, were associated with various “child records” that included large amounts of information collected during the prospecting process such as meeting notes and complex medical data. Once Leads were qualified, those records were converted to Opportunities in the CRM. The issue though, was that the “child record” data collected during their prospecting, was still associated with the Lead record rather than being transferred to the newly created Opportunity or Contact. This resulted in the irksome problem of having to look up the original Lead record in order to view the notes and medical data collected during their prospecting process – certainly not ideal for their busy Customer Success Managers who don’t have the time to go back and forth between records in CRM to consolidate accurate data.

A Power Automate Solution

Dynamics 365 Sales could not solve this problem by itself. Because the prospecting notes were stored as “child records” and associated with a specific Lead, the system was unable to easily associate them to a newly created Opportunity or Contacts. Dynamics 365 would need to be coupled with something even more powerful to provide our customer with the workflow they were looking for. That’s where Power Automate came in. Part of the Power Platform, Power Automated is a Microsoft tool that helps create automated workflows between apps and services to synchronize files and data.

By combining Power Automate and D365 Sales, our team was able to create a “Flow” operation that would spring into action when a new Opportunity was created from a Lead. This “Flow” was programmed to obtain all “child records” related to a Lead and duplicate them. Those duplicated records would then be assigned a relationship to the newly created Opportunity. Now, all those critical notes and associated data will follow that prospect’s path from Lead to Opportunity, allowing Customer Success agents to quickly access historical data without having to perform an arduous searches or access multiple records.

Increased Efficiency and Confidence in Their Data

Our customer can now trust that they’ve got all the information they need presented to them within one record and speak confidently about prior communication they’ve had with that customer. No more checking multiple records to confirm information. This powerful combination of D365 Sales and Power Automate provided our customer with increased confidence in their customer data and boosted their efficiency. Now their customer success team can spend more time and attention focusing on their customer’s needs instead second-guessing data and searching multiple records.

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