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Protect your valuable Dynamics 365 data with Catapult’s robust data protection and recovery services. Don't leave your business vulnerable to data loss and downtime. Ensure the safety and accessibility of your critical data.

Keep your data secure with critical protection and recovery capabilities

  • Rapid Response Data Recovery

    Restore data to a point before data loss occurred with Point in Time Recover

  • Partial Data Recovery

    Restore missing records and data sets without reverting to backups

  • Solution monitoring and early detection

    Regular performance testing and monitoring of unusual system activity

  • Permission management

    Ensure access and limit your risk with unified permission management and access policies

  • Long term back-up management

    Configuration and management of long-term off-cloud or alternative cloud backups

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Understand the risks to your Dynamics 365 data

Moving to the cloud does not eliminate your risk of data loss.

Because Dynamics 365 is inherently more secure than traditional on-premise solutions, many companies overlook the important of cloud-data backups and recovery processes, leaving them vulnerable to critical data loss.

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Limit your downtime with a Disaster Recovery Plan

Having a strong Disaster Recovery Plan is critical to restoring your business operations in the event of a security incident.

Our team can work with your businesses to put a plan in place that provides your users with the specific steps to take if data loss occurs and prevent disruptions from turning into catastrophic failures.

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Our proven Success Framework minimizes risk and promotes alignment to results

Explore how Catapult has helped hundreds of businesses successfully adopt cloud solutions and achieve the result they’re looking for.

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    Level Up

Achieve out of this world results

Our easy-to-navigate Success Framework guides our customers through four critical stages that build towards successful adoption of a tailor made Dynamics 365 business solution