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More Than An ERP: Boosting Performance With Dynamics 365 Sales Integrations

Our team recently held a client webinar to discuss the benefits of integrating a Dynamics 365 Sales application with the existing Business Central Solutions they know and love. Here, we’ve outlined some of the most important insights from that webinar along with a video demo to give you a closer look at the D365 Sales app in action.

So, what is D365 Sales, how can it actually help your organization’s sales performance, and how does it work with an existing D365 Business Central solution?

If you have an existing Business Central implementation in place, you’re probably familiar with the platform and aware that it does have a few features that can help with your sales activities. What it doesn’t do though is provide is a rich set of activity management, sales pipeline information, opportunity management, or an effective experience that can help your sales teams with selling. While Business Central can be a helpful tool for certain portions of the sales process, like taking an order or producing a quote, it’s not particularly effective at engaging your customers with that process. This is where D365 Sales can be a real difference maker.

D365 Sales helps organizations get a handle on the overall sales process while helping their sales teams better engage with customers for quicker responses that close more deals. It is a powerful CRM solution that drives sales productivity and business intelligence through a cloud-based database. Basically, it allows your organization to be more effective at communicating with customers through a more streamlined approach to sales management.

One of the most important aspects of this streamlined approach is the availability of a built-in mobile experience. This rich, on-the-go experience is accessible on a phone or tablet and will provide your sales teams with all the information they need without being tethered to a desk. We know from experience that many organizations struggle to push adoption of data driven processes among sales teams, but with this new mobile experience, adoption is quick, simple, and available through the device your salespeople are already using.

Dynamics 365 Sales In Action

With the demo below, we explore a little bit of how that mobile experience can be utilized in the field, but also how the information surfaced through those real-world interactions is able to flow back and forth through the full D365 Sales platform and into Business Central. Watch the demo to see D365 Sales in actions and get a taste of how it can help your organization make the right decisions in real-time, empower your sales teams with streamlined forecasting and reporting, and create a seamless integration with your accounting solution.

If you are interested in unlocking the additional functionality of D365 Sales for your sales teams to boost their performance, get in touch and find out how we can help make that integration possible or use our simple bundled price calculation to get a quote.

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