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Boosting Performance With Dynamics 365 Sales Integrations

Live Demo

D365 Sales helps organizations get a handle on the overall sales process while helping their sales teams better engage with customers for quicker responses that close more deals. It is a powerful CRM solution that drives sales productivity and business intelligence through a cloud-based database.

Our recent live demo of Dynamics 365 Sales explains how this application can integrate with your existing ERP solution to seamlessly connect sales and financial records within a single platform.

With this demo you’ll explore how your business can:

  1. Optimize your sales processes by generating accurate sales pipelines and forecasts to close more deals.
  2. Spend more time selling with streamlined sales processes with simple, easy-to-adopt mobile interfaces for your sales team.
  3. Seamlessly connect your sales and accounting solutions by connecting and synchronizing records across your Dynamics 365 applications, simplifying reporting and closing the loop from sales to revenue.

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