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How to Undo an Accrual in Dynamics NAV


While trying to perform month-end close, one of our support clients was trying to undo an accrual in Dynamics NAV that was done in the previous month.

A report indicated that the purchase credit memo was visible, however, this same CM could not be found in the posted credit memos. In this instance, a check was voided that same month which the client believe contributed to the problem.

Resolution: How to Undo an Accural in Dynamics NAV

The credit memo might have been deleted from the posted purchase credit memo.

As a best practice, let your team know not to delete any posted documents (i.e. purchase invoice, credit memo, sales invoice, etc.) to preserve an audit trail. Even if the posted credit memo was deleted, the related g/l and vendor ledger entries will still be in the system.

We took a look at the vendor in question and it had a debit balance which created a negative entry on the Cost of Sales account. If this is not a true entry, you can create a purchase invoice (use ‘copy document’ function) to reverse the impact of this credit memo both on the vendor and on the specific g/l account.

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