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Best of 2019: Most Popular Microsoft Dynamics 365 Articles

Looking back at articles we’ve published on our blog this year, it’s fair to say the range of topics covered has been broad. With that being said, there’s certainly been a laser focus on Microsoft Dynamics 365 and the subjects that we believe are fundamental to the success of our readers. Whether it‘s a how-to-guide for new features in Business Central or important information about upcoming deprecation’s for Customer Engagement – we’ve covered it all.

As the year winds down we thought it would be fun to share the articles that our readers found most interesting and helpful. This list serves as a helpful reminder for the regular readers of our blog. Those of you visiting for the first time? Let these articles provide you with key insights and takeaways that will have you bounding into the New Year with confidence!

No 1. Unified Interface for Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement: Top 5 Questions Answered

Microsoft is rolling out the Unified Interface and come October 2020 the transition will be inevitable. Find out exactly what the Unified Interface is, how Microsoft is rolling it out, what the new features include, and how to prepare for the migration. Looking for a step by step guide on how to apply the new Unified Interface to Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement? You’ve come to the right place.

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No 2. Why GP Customers are Moving to Dynamics 365

What are the powerful motivators driving customers to upgrade from GP to Dynamics 365 Business Central? The inclination to stay with what you know when you’ve been working with a solution like Dynamics GP is quite natural. That said, as Dynamics 365 Business Central gains more ground in the market, there are a few common motivators that we’re seeing driving customers to migrate.

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Want more in depth information on the topic? Check out our eBook to find out why customers are moving to the cloud and what to expect.

No 3. Saving Grace: How Saving Filters in Business Central Can Change Your Life

If there’s any one thing you can bank on for enterprise software, it’s that – at some point or another – you’re going to encounter a list. Whatever data you’re looking at – employees, inventory, currency rates, transactions, documents – there will invariably be a view of the data that lends itself perfectly-poised to amortize that nifty scroll-wheel on your computer mouse in a neat row-based format. They really are everywhere and Business Central is no exception. From anywhere you are in the system, you’re always a click away from the comforting embrace of these banding lines…

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No 4. Top Features: October’s Release for Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement

This fall we saw Microsoft’s new release for Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement. The changes that came with this release wave were inspired by requests from developers and users that belong to the Microsoft Dynamics 365 community. This release brings a number of promises to reform the way that customers use CRM, offering a large list of new features that will not disappoint. In this article we highlight the top features from October’s release and discuss how they can increase productivity and help customers improve their performance in CRM.

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No 5. What are Microsoft Partners Discussing with Dynamics NAV Clients Today?

One of our Senior Consultants, Ramin Marghi, sat down with Microsoft Dynamics World’s editor, Jason Gumpert, to discuss why we are excited about the cloud, in particular Dynamics 365 Business Central. The cloud has hit new maturity levels in the market and there are many reasons for it. Jump in to hear about the current state of the cloud, what we are excited for in the future, and why we are offering it as an option to our customers. Listen to the full podcast hosted on Microsoft Dynamics World.

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