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This digital adoption platform allows your business to easily capture your Dynamics 365 solution’s work processes and automatically produce a variety of interactive learning materials for training and end user reference.

  • Automatic Material Creation

  • Training And Onboarding

  • Multi Language Support

  • User Adoption Insights and Learning Analytics

  • Live Virtual Assistant

  • Cross-platform Support

  • Customizable eLearning portal

  • Multiple Learning Formats

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Automatically Produce Dynamics 365 Training Materials

ClickLearn utilizes its unique recording technology to decrease costs, streamline training material creation and achieve rapid user adoption.

By capturing step-by-step routines within your Dynamics 365 solution with a unique cross-platform recording technology, ClickLearn will automatically generate high-quality learning materials and documentation modeled around your workflows.

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A Flexible Learning Environment 

Encourage adoption and eliminate resistance by providing end-users with the materials and environment they need to succeed.

Training materials are published into a customizable system, accessible from any device, with 24/7 virtual assistance. With 7 available learning formats from videos to written instructional material, we leverage this powerful platform to create a learning environment tailored to the needs of your business.

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Seamlessly Integrated Into Your Custom Apps 

ClickLearn is fully integrable with the full suite of Microsoft Dynamics 365 applications and enables recording across all applications. 

With its Windows and Web Apps connectors, ClickLearn is compatible with 90% of all Windows and web-based applications, removing the hassle of integration and providing you more time to focus on your digital adoption goals no matter what tools your business relies on.

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Our proven Success Framework minimizes risk and promotes alignment to results

Explore how Catapult has helped hundreds of businesses successfully adopt cloud solutions and achieve the result they’re looking for.

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Our easy-to-navigate Success Framework guides our customers through four critical stages that build towards successful adoption of a tailor made Dynamics 365 business solution