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ZayZoon is an app-based company, powering financial health for employees with their wages on-demand app. The ZayZoon app integrates with employers’ corporate payroll systems to enable employees to access their earned wages ahead of their next paycheck.


After migrating to Dynamics 365 Business Central, ZayZoon and Catapult partnered to build an API that connects their core customer application to Business Central. Catapult’s Business Central experts worked closely with ZayZoon’s development team to deliver a completely integrated financial transaction system for the company.

A Move to Business Central Supports Organizational Growth

Agility is key in a competitive and fast-changing online market. Those organizations that can rapidly integrate new tools and technologies scale-up more quickly and handle financial growth without sacrificing their customer’s experience. This is especially critical for digitally native businesses because the market can change so rapidly.

"Markets can be complex when you’re delivering virtual services to consumers. Customers want intuitive and easy experiences, and that means digitally native businesses must integrate their systems and build them to scale as demand increases. ZayZoon is the kind of company that is always one step ahead"

Jeff Bacon, VP of Client Development at Catapult

And ZayZoon is truly digital. With their easy-to-use app, employees can get an advance on their next pay day for the time they’ve already worked. The ZayZoon app can connect into multiple payroll systems to get employees their money quickly. This, however, posed challenges for ZayZoon who were initially using QuickBooks as their accounting software. The volume of financial transactions ZayZoon needs to record and maintain are considerable. As the company grew, the process of manually entering batch transactions into this software wouldn’t scale with their business.

ZayZoon made the critical decision to move all financial systems to Dynamics 365 Business Central and selected Microsoft’s software because of the systems comprehensive financial management capabilities. They partnered with Catapult to implement this powerful new ERP solution and unite their financial workflows, in turn reducing manual input. This resulted in automated financial transaction logs and added dimensionality to their data. That unlocked reporting and analytics functionality that sped decision making, something they hadn’t experienced before the switch.

Connecting App-native Business to Business Central

ZayZoon adapted quickly to manage their business growth, which, in 2021, has been at breakneck speed. When you are growing rapidly and adding a high number of financial transactions, you must scale your systems quickly. Application-based companies like ZayZoon are discovering that automated integration and deployment, in addition to robust and secure API development can mean the difference between success and failure in a marketplace. Revenue has never been so closely tied to development.

Integrating Business Central with ZayZoon’s Core Application

To support ZayZoon’s integration needs, Catapult’s Solution Architects partnered with the ZayZoon development team to connect their core application with Business Central by building on the Microsoft Connect App. Catapult first built the functional design document and helped the ZayZoon team understand the business requirements of how they would pull financial data from their app and import it into their ERP. Finally, the Catapult team configured how Business Central processed recurring financial transactions to accommodate for the application’s structure.

ZayZoon then leveraged the Microsoft Connect App library to build the calls, extract data from their app, and populate the data into a staging table before importing into Business Central.

Historically, integrating your financial systems with software applications like the ZayZoon App needed considerable custom software development support, manual configuration, coding, and ongoing patching. This often turned into a considerable IT project and generated technical debt if not built properly. This is where Dynamics 365 Business Central takes financial reporting and management to the next level, and where Catapult supported ZayZoon to achieve their mission to improve customer emotional health.

"Business Central united ZayZoon’s financial workflows. But they wanted to complete automation and eliminate manual batch processing. Together we helped gather requirements and map the ZayZoon app’s data fields into Business Central."

Blair Hurlbut, VP Solution Delivery at Catapult

Selecting the Best ERP for Your Business

Companies that choose to leverage Dynamics 365 Business Central free themselves from restrictive processes. The solution makes building custom integrations easier than most core applications and because Microsoft gives development options, we can have more productive and creative conversations around business value, innovation, and product delivery.

A great Microsoft partner will build and support the best and most secure APIs that support your business. As your business scales, they can help you integrate new functionalities and features that add the most value to your product experience.

When you work with Catapult, your digital transformation and growth have no limits. Schedule a demo with us today.

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