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Want to Improve the Quality of Your CRM Data? Here’s How to Reach Your Customers More Effectively.

We all know that poor quality data poses a risk to businesses – but to what extent? According to Gartner “Poor quality data weakens an organization’s competitive standing and undermines critical business objectives”. Not only does poor quality data make it difficult to reach the right people at the right time, it also erodes away at your organizations reputation because customers will start to distrust the information that you hold about them. Everyone has received an email that is addressed to someone else and as a result been left feeling undervalued and a bit frustrated. This is just one example of how bad data can negatively impact an organizations reputation, and in today’s modern world it is becoming increasingly critical to avoid this type of faux pas. If organizations are to remain competitive then they must regularly cleanse and enhance their existing data to ensure that it is accurate.

This is where Loqate GBG come into the mix, a renowned location specialist who offer global address verification and geocoding technology. Loqate was acquired by GBG, global specialist in identity data intelligence in 2018, and unified with five other location intelligence organizations to create a world leading location intelligence solution. The Loqate platform offers address verification, email validation and various other products to help businesses certify and enrich data. Used by over 13,000 businesses of different sizes and sectors and operating in 245 countries and territories across the globe, they provide a secure and reliable service that allows businesses to effectively reach their customers.

The best thing about it? Loqate integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement, making it easy to maintain and optimize your existing database.

Here is what Loqate has to offer:

Address Verification

Loqate’s ISO approved real-time technology curates its data from official postal authorities and geospatial experts and couples it with their matching engine to provide their customers with superior address verification. Simply start typing in part of an address and the tool will automatically begin suggesting valid address results. Unlike Google, Loqate regularly updates its data and can effectively interpret typos. The tool will detect your location when typing in a search and localize the address entry accordingly. Because it is available globally the tool transliterates words and letters from different global character sets into either native or Roman characters. Available across desktop, mobile, Epos and over the phone; it reduces data entry by up to 78% and saves your team precious time. This tool streamlines operations and ensures that the address data you enter into your CRM is correct. As a result, you will see an increase in conversions and enhanced data quality. Check out the address validation demo and try it for yourself here.

Email Validation

Loqate’s email validation tool is a single easy to integrate API that validates email addresses in real time or in a batch cleanse. This tool looks beyond the obvious signs of spam and checks whether an email mailbox is legitimate and able to receive mail.

This validation tool ensures that only validated emails enter into your CRM system and as a result the deliverability rate of your email sends will increase. This is because there is a strong correlation between clean data and marketing performance. If you have clean data your email campaigns will reach the right people and the level of engagement will likely increase. Furthermore, the cleaner your data the higher your email sender reputation score. This score is assigned by an Internet Service Provider (ISP) and this is vital when it comes to marketing success. This is because the higher your score the more likely that an ISP will deliver your emails into the inbox of recipients on their network. Validated emails means a reduction in hard bounces and it also prevents emails from being blocked. These are both things that contribute to your company’s overall email sender reputation score.

Loqate also provides an alternative to CAPTCHA to prevent spam registrations on your website forms. People often fill in false data on forms and this can cause data to skew and database entries to get ‘dirty’ quite quickly. This functionality from Loqate prevents people or bots from filling out forms with spam and ensures that only valid data enters your system. The Loqate tool does not only validate new data entering your CRM system but it is also able to cleanse data that already exists. The batch tool cleanses your system, helping to identify and remove invalid or outdated email addresses.

Additional products that Loqate provide includes bank verification, geocode software to enhance location databases, postal certification, phone verification, location datasets and address databases for comprehensive data-sets.

As previously mentioned, Loqate integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Dynamics 365. This means that you can get all the benefits of address verification and email verification right inside your CRM system. If you are interested in this integration then you can access a step-by-step guide to help you install and configure the latest Loqate solution for Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Got more questions about this integration? Our CRM experts are here to help. Contact us and we will get back to you within one working day.

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