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The Benefits of System Admin and Monitoring for Your Dynamics 365 Solution

Leveraging the full potential of Dynamics 365 demands more than basic solution implementation – it requires the expertise and guidance of a professional support service program. From ongoing training to solution reviews, proactive maintenance, solution optimization, and much more, the right support program will help you get the most out of your investment by constantly looking for ways to enhance your ERP or CRM solution.

There are many beneficial features that come with a managed support program, and one of them is system administration and monitoring. While it may seem simple, this specific service is designed to streamline data management and user access, reduce costs, and safeguard against security threats and information breaches.

Curious about the potential benefits to your business? We’ve highlighted the top 3 reasons for utilizing a professional system admin and monitoring service below.

Enhanced Internal Security

Cyber-attacks and phishing scams are becoming more and more sophisticated, so it’s no surprise that the risk of a data breach is a major concern for businesses regardless of industry or size. While taking precautions against external attacks is critical, it’s equally important to pay attention to what’s going on internally.

As your employee roster changes alongside your growing business, there’s a higher need to properly manage user access across the board. For growing companies, it’s often challenging to keep track of the specific roles and permissions granted, especially when trying to juggle everything else that’s essential to running a successful business.

How would an effective system administration service tackle this issue?

Well for starters, your support service partner should be easily accessible so that they can stay informed of any user role changes as soon as they occur. Regularly scheduled check-ins can further ensure that permissions are up-to-date and anyone who is no longer at the company has their permissions disabled. With an up-to-date user list that clearly defines each user’s assigned permission role, you’ll get better insights into your internal security and minimize the risk of unauthorized individuals gaining access to company data, customer insights, and other confidential information. This helps reduce potential security threats by limiting access only to those who are properly verified and lowers the chances of a company data breach.

User License Management and Optimization

Many organizations often overestimate the number of Dynamics 365 user licenses they require for their team members. Whether it’s current users needing updated credentials, or new users requiring basic access, not fully understanding how licensing works often results in companies overpaying for licensing fees.

And, as roles and responsibilities change over time, so does the need for updated user licensing. An analysis of your existing user licenses can highlight usage patterns, what changes need to be made, and the number of licenses that best aligns with your current business requirements and overall budget. This ensures your licensing set up remains cost effective, and that you aren’t paying extra for additional user access that you don’t actually need.

Routine Data Audits

Maintaining an optimized data ecosystem within your Dynamics 365 environment requires periodic solution data maintenance to assess inefficiencies throughout your organization. However, most organizations lack the expertise to properly review and assess their database storage needs, and often fall short of identifying strategies for enhancing data efficiency.

A support partner can review historical data to verify you aren’t wasting storage space and paying more for a data package that doesn’t meet your solution needs. To further optimize your data usage and management, clean-ups can be performed to identify and remove duplicate data, outdated information, and any other data inconsistencies.

These proactive measures prevent data overuse and maintain an organized data ecosystem that maximizes productivity within your Dynamics 365 solution. Depending on the audit findings, what your current needs are, and what you may possibly need in the foreseeable future, new data capacity solutions may be suggested to prevent overuse and increase storage efficiency.

Future-Proof Your Solution

While the many benefits of a professional system admin and monitoring service are often overlooked, they are critical to keeping your solution functioning at maximum efficiency. It’s just one of the services included in all of our overall Hypercare Support program packages. From regularly scheduled data audits to monthly check-ins and ongoing user license management, our team of responsive system admin and solution monitoring experts are always working to keep our client’s solution secure, cost effective, and optimized for peak efficiency.

But the benefits of Hypercare Support don’t stop there. With a dedicated helpdesk, periodic solution reviews, ongoing user training, and much more, we’re committed to helping you achieve the highest possible return on your investment into your Dynamics 365 solution.

If you’re interested in learning about our Hypercare Support program, how it works, or how it can enhance your solution, get in touch today. We’re more than happy to answer all your questions!


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