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Simplify User Adoption with the Power of Custom Help Panes in Microsoft Dynamics 365

Custom help panes in Microsoft Dynamics 365 can revolutionize the way users access assistance and guidance within the application. By embedding contextual and tailored information directly within the interface, custom help panes offer users a seamless and efficient way to find the help they need. Whether it’s step-by-step instructions, video tutorials, or troubleshooting tips, these personalized help panes enhance user productivity, streamline onboarding processes, promote process consistency, and empower users to resolve issues independently. Let’s take a closer look at how Custom Help Panes in Dynamics 365 elevate the user experience and drive optimal utilization of the platform.

How to start using Custom Help Panes

To get started, let’s take a look at how you can turn on this feature and start using it in your organization!

1) Open a model-driven app, select Settings in the top right command bar and click on Advanced Settings

Image showing how to access advanced settings in Dynamics 365

2) Navigate to Settings, followed by System and click on Administration

Image showing how to navigate to settings, system then administration in Dynamics 365

3) Inside the Administration page, select System Settings

4) On the General tab, select Yes for Enable Custom Help Panes and Guided Tasks, then click OK

Now that we have enabled the Custom Help Panes, it is time to start using them. Here’s a simple example or how this powerful capability can create an enhanced user experience by adding tailored instructions and embedding learning videos into a Contact table and form.

We can start by navigating to the Contact table. Open the help pane by clicking on the question mark on the top right command bar in a model driven app.

image showcasing an open help pane in Dynamics 365

Here you can enter free-form text directly into the help pane. The top toolbar contains the following features from left to right:

  • Create a numbered list
  • Create a bulleted list
  • Insert link
  • Insert balloon
  • Insert coachmark
  • Insert section
  • Insert image
  • Insert video

We can now add some helpful text explaining the current view and instructions on how to create a new contact using a coachmark that highlights the “New” button, as well as including a video describing the difference between Accounts and Contacts in Dynamics 365.

When we click on the “New” button, we are taken to the Contact form where we can easily build another custom help pane detailing instructions on how to input specified field formats for Business Phone and Mobile Phone using a balloon pop-up.

Image showing Contact form with help pane for inputting Business Phone and Mobile Phone fields

This is just a small taste of how custom help panes can assist in improving user experience and streamline business processes. As you can probably imagine, the customization possibilities are endless, and each organization can tailor these panes to best fit their structure and processes.

Are Custom Help Panes right for your business?

To sum it up, custom help panes offer significant advantages in the realm of user assistance and support within Microsoft Dynamics 365. By providing contextual guidance, tailored information, and in-application assistance, these custom panes empower users to navigate the platform with ease and efficiency. From streamlining onboarding processes to promoting process consistency and enabling self-service support, custom help panes enhance user productivity and satisfaction.

However, it is important to consider the associated development effort, ongoing maintenance, and the need for a comprehensive support ecosystem to address potential weaknesses. With careful planning and optimization, the use of custom help panes can greatly enhance the overall user experience, drive user adoption, and unlock the full potential of Microsoft Dynamics 365 for organizations.

If your team is looking for help with Custom Help Panes in Dynamics 365 or any training, support adoption or implementation services, our team of experiences consultants is here to help. Get in touch today to find out how we can help grow your business by tailoring a solution to fit your needs.

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