Running the CRM 2013 Code Validation Tool: A How-To Guide
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Running the CRM 2013 Code Validation Tool: A How-To Guide

You’ve determined that you’re ready to upgrade to Dynamics CRM 2013. As outlined in this post on CRM 2013 readiness, you know that if you’re running CRM on-premise, you first need to be on CRM 2011 in order to make the move to 2013. Once there, you’re ready to run Microsoft’s custom code validation tool in order to ensure a seamless transition to the latest version.

Follow the steps below to install and run the CRM 2013 Code Validation Tool in preparation for your upgrade.

What to Consider in Advance

Before you begin the installation process, verify or consider the following:

  • You must use a CRM user account with the Import Customizations privilege.
  • Be aware that the code validation tool is installed as a Managed Solution.

Installing the CRM 2013 Code Validation Tool

Download and save the appropriate installation files from the Microsoft website.

1. Run the CustomCodeValidationTool.exe.  If prompted whether you want to run this file, click ‘Run.’

2. On the License Agreement page, review the information. If you accept the license agreement, select ‘Click here to accept the Microsoft Software License Terms’, and then click ‘Continue’.

3. Choose a destination to extract the solution files.

4. Open CRM as a user who has the ‘Import Customizations’ privilege.

5. Browse to Settings > Solutions.

6. Click the ‘Import’ button from the toolbar.

CRM Import Validation Tool

7. Browse to the solution file extracted previously and click ‘Next’.

Note: The solution file is the .zip folder named something similar to ‘’

8. When prompted with the solution information, click ‘Next’.  The solution will be imported and you will be shown a solution summary, click ‘Close’.

Validation Tool - Solution Information Solution Information

Running the Validation Tool

1. To open the Custom Code Validation Tool, simply double-click the Solution record within CRM.

CRM Solution Record

2. The Custom Code Validation Tool will launch.  Click ‘Open the CRM 2013 Custom Code Validation Tool’ button to run the validation.

3. The tool will validate the code and identify any affected resources and code.  Issues with cross-browser support are highlighted in blue, and issues that affect all browsers are highlighted in red.  Done!

CRM 2013 Code Validation Tool
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