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Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 Preview From Directions EMEA

For the past few days, the Catapult team has been living it up in Rome at the Directions EMEA 2012 conference.  The big news of the conference has of course been the unveiling of the brand new NAV 7, or as it will be now called, NAV 2013.  There is buzz around this release like I have never seen before, and not without reason.  We’re all pretty amped about the product and I thought I’d share what I thought were the 3 biggest changes that you’ll see with NAV 2013:

  1. Introduction of SharePoint client (light ERP users with tools available to collaborate and self service with enhanced business productivity)
  2. Functional improvements in manufacturing and warehousing granules + cash flow functionality
  3. Cloud readiness

Even with the market changing based on cloud and subscription-based delivery models, the partner channel still sees this as a great new release.

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