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Levelling Up with Hypercare Support

With a decade of experience working with clients to implement, integrate, and adopt Dynamics 365 ERP and CRM solutions, we’ve learned first-hand the impact an effective support program has on a client’s ability to get the most out of their solution.

The journey towards adoption of a CRM or ERP solution can be a major undertaking for an SMB looking to take its growth to the next level. After an in-depth implementation and deployment process, finally seeing the adoption of your new solution provides a satisfying feeling.

As user adoption within your organization takes hold and the efficiencies of your new platform are felt across your business it may feel like your digital transformation is complete, but this is only the beginning. As your team starts to achieve the success you were looking for from your newly adopted solution, your processes will need to evolve with your growing business’ new needs. That’s where Hypercare support comes in.

With our Hypercare Support, we not only keep you on track with easy access to help and training, but we’ll addresses problems before they arise and proactively review your solution’s ability to meet you evolving needs.

What is Hypercare?

Hypercare is a comprehensive support program specifically designed for the needs of growing SMBs. It provides access to the resources needed to ensure your ERP or CRM solution continues to provide you with the highest level of positive impact possible through six key elements of support.

Dedicated Helpdesk

Our Success Framework includes in-depth training for your team’s users to provide them with a thorough understanding of their solution. But, just as important as understanding how to use your platform, is knowing where to turn when something goes wrong. Our dedicated Helpdesk provides your team with easy access to our team of solution experts to get you the answers you need, right when you need them. Whether you’re troubleshooting an unexpected result or making minor configuration changes, our team is ready to screen-share, collaborate and quickly address any challenges that arise.

Platform Upgrades

One of the biggest benefits of a cloud-based ERP or CRM platform like Microsoft Dynamics 365 is that they are not stagnant. Microsoft is always working to improve their Dynamics 365 platforms through biannual update releases. These updates are continually adding new value to your investment, but they require expert attention to ensure your unique business process are keeping up with the changes. With each new release, our consultants will create sandbox environments for behind-the-scenes testing of your specific solution instance and any third-party customizations you might be using. We’ll resolve any update issues that arise and explore how any new features can be leveraged by your team. Only once we’re satisfied that your instance is ready will we deploy the release to ensure that these updates never cause disruptions to your team’s workflows.

Ongoing Training

Continually getting the most out of your Dynamics 365 solution relies on your end users’ ability to effectively navigate the platform, manage workflows, and easily access the data and insights that support your decision making. That’s why user training is such an integral part of our Success Framework, not only ahead of your launch, but on an ongoing basis. Hypercare includes on-demand refresher training to maintain your platform efficiency as well as onboarding training for new employees and update training to help you take full advantage of every new Dynamics 365 capability.

Solution Reviews

It’s no secret that business’ needs change over time. As your business evolves, your internal processes will need to adapt, along with your ERP or CRM solution. By engaging your team with periodic solution review sessions, our consultants are able to help you source capabilities for any new needs that arise and build plans to deploy them into your solution without interrupting your existing operations. Whether you’re rolling out a new CRM module or adding a custom mobile application for your field team’s workflows, we’ll help your team keep pace with your businesses changing requirements.

Process Improvement

As your Dynamics 365 Solution is adopted throughout your organization, new enhancements to processes will often become apparent. Don’t waste your users’ time with costly recurring manual tasks. Our Hypercare support experts will work with your team to integrate new business systems or process automation to continually improve your solution’s efficiency.

Data Insight and Reporting

Making the right decisions depends on surfacing accurate data in the right context. The ability to easily run and access reports is one of the most integral benefits of any ERP or CRM solution. When your business’ decisions makers need specific insights, our team is there to help by programming new data connections, building powerful data visualizations and KPI dashboard with Power BI integrations, and creating templates for generating necessary new reports.

With Hypercare, your team can rest easy knowing that your system is always up to date, your users have quick and easy access to all the help and training they need, and you are proactively evaluating your solutions’ ability to meet the needs of the future. If you’re business has made the decision to invest in future growth with a Dynamics 365 digital transformation, we’re here to help you ensure you get the best possible return on that investment.

Get in touch today to learn more about our Hypercare Support can keep your business ready for the future.

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