Let Me Tell You About Tell Me in Business Central

If there’s one thing every power user in any system (ERP or otherwise) will tell you, it’s that being able to find and navigate to key functions and actions in the solution is of utmost importance. To that end, Microsoft has been chipping away at the old way to find and do stuff in Dynamics NAV and D365 Business Central and has channeled these efforts into making it easier to do what you need to do.

That’s where this new shiny feature released today comes into play.


Meet the smartest 2-dimensional light bulb in your life.

Tell Me in Business Central Icon

It’s actually amazing how as soon as you have the Tell Me function, you begin to question how you ever lived without it! It’s located at the top of the screen on Business Central, taking the spot that used to be occupied by the search icon:

Tell Me in Business Central icon

That’s enough preamble – I think showing it would make more sense.


So beyond just replacing the search function that already existed, now you can also within list or document. Let’s say I’m in the Item list and I want to highlight an item and figure out how to set prices for that. Let me use Tell Me on this page and just type “price”:

Tell Me Price Example

And, just like that, it shows me all the actions around price along with the tooltip explaining what it is.
How about if I’ve got a sales quote open and I want to turn it into an order. Let me look for “order”:

Tell Me Order Example

And the function just shows up! Fantastic, isn’t it?


But beyond that, if you were to scroll down in the Tell Me results, you’ll see that it gives you more than just actions, reports, and pages. If you’re on Business Central in the cloud, you’ll notice it also finds relevant documentation to actually give you some reference material or help documentation to read up about what you’re looking for before you go ahead and do it:

Tell Me Company Info Example

As it stands, Tell Me in Business Central is only available on cloud deployments and doesn’t support custom help documentation, however, from what we hear, they’re looking into it!

Stay tuned for more highlights of enhancements to the new release of Business Central.

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