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KingswaySoft Simplifies Moving to Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement

Migration to the cloud from Microsoft Dynamics CRM on-premise is increasing with a huge number of companies adopting the Dynamics 365 cloud-based solution in favour of driving efficiency and reducing costs. One of the most compelling reasons for moving from on-premise to the cloud is that companies no longer have to maintain server infrastructure or worry about updates and stability. Migration to the cloud means that businesses will always be on the latest and greatest Dynamics 365 build. Ultimately, moving to the cloud is helping companies scale their business by reducing the ongoing cost that is required to maintain the on-premise version.

At Catapult, we understand that migrating your data to Microsoft Dynamics 365 cloud services does not just happen overnight. There are a variety of factors that need consideration, such as which migration tool to use. It can often be quite difficult to weigh the pros and cons of various migration tools due to a few reasons including licensing costs, flexibility and ease of use. We review one of the leading players in the market that help companies integrate Microsoft Dynamics CRM on-premise with Dynamics 365 cloud services, KingswaySoft.

KingswaySoft offer a software integration toolkit for Microsoft Dynamics 365 built on SQL Server Integration (SSIS). This provides companies with great flexibility, ease of use and high-performance data migration. You will often see KingswaySoft compared with their competitor Scribe, another reputable provider who offer Scribe Online, an all-in-one platform specifically tailored to support cloud integration. However, there is a critical differentiation between these two players and it is not something that everyone is aware of – KingswaySoft offer a completely free migration toolkit for developers.

The Starter Pack was first made available in 2016 and underwent updates in 2018 based on client feedback to ensure it covered important migration scenarios. This package is available for download on their website assuming you have the software prerequisites listed. The valuable thing about this migration tool is that you can migrate all your company’s data to CRM for free. You don’t need to acquire a license if you are using the software functionality within your development tools (Visual Studio or BIDS (Business Intelligence Development Studio)). You only need to pay if you wish to integrate your data as this involves collecting data from sources outside of your organization for analysis rather than simply moving data already stored into a different environment. Once you have installed the software you can build and evolve your data workflows within your developer tool and execute test loads. There is also the option to test the software outside of development tools if you sign up to the 14-day free trial period that they have on offer. When the trial period is finished the software will automatically revert to the free developer license and you will no longer be able to run SSIS packages on a scheduled basis or from outside of your development tools.

If your business requires a one-time migration, then this tool is perfect for you. Using KingswaySoft to migrate your data will save you the associated costs that you will find with other migration tools from competitors such as Scribe. Not only will it save you money, but it will provide you with the features you need for a seamless migration. However, if you did want the ability to run the designated version of KingswaySoft’s software outside of your development tools then you can sign up to their subscription package or perpetual license for a reasonable price. If you are looking to save costs, then look no further as KingswaySoft is a reliable and free migration tool to use. You can check out the frequently asked questions here.

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