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Improve Performance with the 2023 Wave 2 Release for Business Central

Explore the latest features you’ve been asking for

The 2023 Wave 2 Release for Dynamics 365 Business Central includes hundreds of new features and updates that will improve performance by saving time, streamlining daily tasks, and making the Business Central platform more efficient overall.

From changes to the personalization tool and changes to the tell me search bar, to an easier way to embed Power BI in pages, we’ll cover the new features we think are the most impactful to you and your organization. We’ll walk you through how each feature works, and how to set it up, and the positive impact in will have on user productivity and efficiency.

The topics we’ll be covering in the webinar include:

  • New ways to navigate to and view reports in the system
  • New fields to improve journal workflows
  • Showcase of the new way errors are displayed in the system
  • Changes to the personalization tool
  • Searching your data using the tell me search bar
  • Utilizing the new analysis mode
  • New ways to embed Power BI in pages

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