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Improve & Maintain Your Sales Pipeline with Dynamics 365 Sales Insights

Process automation is the name of the game. At Catapult, whenever we’re implementing CRM systems for teams, no matter the business, there is a heavily customized automation system. This is found primarily in marketing systems with email blasts, marketing lists and other templated communications. But what about automation in the sales process?

Dynamics 365 Sales Insights allows users to create sequences to follow-up on sales engagements. These sequences are set up against a list of opportunities and can be customized to reach out, follow up or even schedule meetings, phone calls and appointments with potential sales opportunities. This can save valuable time for sales users as they can focus on leads and opportunities with a higher probability rate than cold calling. All this without losing focus on the personal touch that makes these engagements so valuable.  

Recent research shows that sales reps worldwide are only spending 34% of their time selling. The other 66% of their time is primarily spent managing emails, logging activities, inputting sales data/notes, and creating follow up tasks. It is not surprising that 57% of sales reps do not expect to hit their quota this year, and only 16% expect to exceed their quota.  

By incorporating a Sales Engagement solution into your strategy, you can improve productivity by reducing the time spent on repetitive tasks each day and free up time for active selling. By automating the simplistic day to day sales tasks, you are given more time to focus on the things that matter to help improve and maintain your sales pipeline. Sales Insights will allow you to see who is responding to personalized emails and who is not. This information can help the sales team refine what is and isn’t working with customer communications. The ability to easily change and adapt a sequence of Sales Insights activities such as email templates and appointment scheduling allows the company to constantly improve on sales upkeep and generation.  

Not only will productivity be increased, but the sales team will be able to build a structured approach to lead generation. This can be useful when expanding the sales team with new recruits, allowing them to follow the same sequence and assuring the same quality that senior representatives deliver. These customized sequences put the sales process on autopilot for your team. Building a consistent structure for how engagements are executed allows sales representatives to gather insights and make the necessary adjustments and refinements to unearth valuable sales opportunities.

As Catapult Sales Representative and Sales Insights User, Colin Maheu, says “It’s not “another system” that you have to administer and monitor for clean data. It adds capability without adding complexity.” 

As many companies have been searching for the perfect sales engagement solution know, there can be some seriously complex and technical aspects to get the solution up and running which a sales team may not have the time and resources for. The last thing you need your sales team doing is importing and exporting data through multiple platforms to build out bulk emails and workflows. Sales Insights, however, is the perfect pairing for Dynamics 365 since it is natively built on the Power Platform. If the information exists in your CRM, it exists in Sales Insights and is ready to be used to its fullest.  

Sales Insights seems to be a promising solution for the future, becoming one of the first fully operational sequence systems built directly into Dynamics 365.

Do you need help getting started with Sales Insights? Whether your evaluating business needs or looking for packaged solutions we can help you determine your requirements. Schedule a demo and one of our experts will be in touch.

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