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Helping Our Client Scale by Integrating a Core Business App with Business Central

After migrating to Dynamics 365 Business Central, we built an API for our client that connects their core customer-facing app to Business Central. Catapult’s Business Central experts worked closely with our client’s development team to deliver a completely integrated financial system for the company.

Agility is key in a competitive and fast-paced digital market. Those organizations that can rapidly integrate new tools and technologies scale-up more quickly and handle financial growth without sacrificing their customer’s experience. This is especially critical for digital businesses because of how rapidly their markets can shift.

Recently, a client in the ever-changing digital app space came to us with an interesting challenge. The app-based company was experiencing rapid customer growth, considerably increasing the volume of transactions that needed to be recorded within their accounting software. They had been using QuickBooks as a bookkeeping solution by manually entering batch transactions recorded in their app, but this was quickly becoming an impossible process to scale with their growth.

"Markets can be complex when you’re delivering virtual services to consumers. Customers want intuitive and easy experiences, and that means digitally native businesses must integrate their systems and build them to scale as demand increases. "

Jeff Bacon, VP of Client Development at Catapult

They made the critical decision to upgrade their financial systems by migrating to Dynamics 365 Business Central and partnered with our team to implement this powerful new ERP solution and connect their financial workflows. This meant building an integration that could connect their core, client-facing app’s transactions directly with Business Central.

Integrating Business Central with the Client Application

To begin, a functional design document was created to help us understand the business requirements and develop a roadmap for how the financial data could be pulled from their app and imported it into Business Central. Our team then worked with the client to configure a method for Business Central to process their app’s recurring financial transactions.

With an understanding of the new Business Central process in place, our client was able to leverage the Microsoft Connect App library to build the calls that would extract data directly from their app, and populate it into a staging table, ready for import into Business Central.

This new connection resulted in automated financial transaction logs. The integration not only removed the need for manual batch transaction entries but switching to Business Central also added new dimensionality to their data. They now had access to new reporting and analytics functionality that provided a greater understanding of their business and allowed for faster and more accurate decision-making.

The Dynamics 365 Advantage

Historically, integrating a financial system with a business’ core software application would require considerable custom software development support, manual configuration, coding, and ongoing patching. This often turned into a ballooning IT project, wasting valuable time during a rapid growth period, and potentially generated technical debt and never-ending headaches. Now, with the Microsoft Dynamics 365 suite of tools, growing businesses like our client are able to quickly leverage Dynamics 365 Business Central as a fully integrated ERP solution with considerably less disruption or cost.=

Choosing a Dynamics 365 solutions and working with a Microsoft partner that takes the time to understand your business model and core processes not only makes building custom integrations easier, but also sets you up for future success.

At Catapult, our client Success Framework goes far beyond simply implementing ERP and CRM business solutions. We believe in taking businesses to the next level by engaging in productive and creative conversations around business value, innovation, and product delivery so that we can build a solution that works for your business now and grows with you into the future. As your business scales, our ongoing Hypercare Support Program can help you integrate new functionalities and features that add the most value to your business and improve customer experiences.

Get in touch with us today to find out how we can help your business continue to grow.

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