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Exploring Dynamics 365 Licensing: Pay As You Grow and Plans

Approaching Dynamics 365, whether you’re coming from an on-premise Dynamics CRM deployment or CRM online, can be eye-opening as you explore a new way to manage your business operations. A key aspect of exploring this move is licensing, so we’ve covered off some key concepts for Dynamics 365 licensing below.

Dynamics 365 Licensing

Pay as You Grow

For CRMOL owners, you’ll find that the licensing terms between that and Dynamics 365 have remained the same. You will continue to pay on a per-user per-month basis as is common with Software-as-a-Service products, however, Dynamics 365 comes with one key difference:

By offering capabilities and functionality in the form of unique applications rather than one whole solution, you can now pay only for what you need. Yes. Only pay for what you need!

If you have a user that only needs to use a single application, you can save money by only having to pay for the license of that unique application.

Furthermore, you can pay for either full users for a single application, who can access all of the features it has to offer, or team members, who only need some basic read, write, and task functionality. Full users are typically sales people, customer service representatives, finance employees, and so on.

Meanwhile, team members are designed for users who are not tied to a specific function but require basic Dynamics 365 capabilities. One final note is that team members are able to access all of the applications the organization has a license for, while full user licenses for single applications can access just that one application.


The per application, full user pricing is helpful for businesses that are gradually growing their teams and expanding their capabilities.

But what if your organization is structured in such a way that each person needs to access the rich features that comes along with a full user license but more multiple applications?

Paying for multiple full user licenses for a single individual would get costly, especially if you have several people in your organization that would need it. In comes the Customer Engagement Plan, where full user access to all of the previously mentioned applications are bundled together for one price. At only 20% higher than a single application license, it is easy for organizations to take the next step in growing their solution alongside their business operations.

In a future post, we’ll cover key applications within Dynamics 365 including sales, customer service, project service automation and field service.

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