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Elevate Your Dynamics 365 CRM Solution with Business Central

Exploring the Many Benefits of a Business Central Integration

From refined reporting capabilities to enterprise-level financial management tools, and real-time inventory and sales insights, a Business Central integration can enhance your Dynamics 365 CRM solution in many ways.

With this webinar, you’ll learn more about the capabilities of Business Central, how an integration can help you get more out of your existing CRM solution, and how our custom connector facilitates a faster and simpler integration process. We’ll also walk you through a live demo to show you how sales teams can take advantage of an interconnected data ecosystem between solutions, including how Business Central data such as inventory lists and prices can flow directly into Dynamics 365 CRM, or how quotes can automatically be converted into sales orders.

In this webinar, we’ll go through:

  • The benefits and capabilities of Business Central
  • How Business Central can enhance your existing Dynamics 365 CRM solution
  • How our connector tool can further enhance the integration
  • A live demo of the integration in action
  • A roadmap to implementing a Business Central integration
  • How you can take advantage of Microsoft’s new combined licensing model and how our fixed fee bundled pricing can simplify your budgeting

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