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Elevate Workflows with New Dynamics 365 Customer Service 2023 Wave 2 Release Features

Improve customer satisfaction with faster response times

Solving customer issues as fast and accurately as possible is the difference between a positive and negative customer service experience. The newest wave 2 releases for Dynamics 365 Customer Service makes it easier for both new and experienced customer service reps to resolve cases and requests.

In this latest webinar, you’ll see how the addition of Copilot, Microsoft’s AI based platform, will help your customer service team quickly find resolutions without having to comb through countless knowledge articles or similar cases for assistance. 

Webinar topics include:

  • A step-by-step process on how to access resolution information quickly and easily through Copilot 
  • How levelling up your team’s workflows results in a better, and more efficient customer service rep experience 
  • Why it’s beneficial to new and experienced employees, and your overall customer service lifecycle 

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