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Dynamics 365 for Field Service 101: How to Configure Bookable Resources

Field service is a very powerful tool. Based on a presentation we recently did for CRMUG (watch the webinar if you’re a member here), we wanted to break down some of the key configuration areas necessary in order to get Dynamics 365 for Field Service up and running. In this post, we’ll focus on configuring bookable resources.

Configuring Bookable Resources in D365 for Field Service

You can configure resources in the Resources and Resource Categories sections of the Field Service Admin menu.

Dynamics 365 for Field Service Admin Menu

To create a new user, go to Field Service > Administration > New Bookable Resource.

If you’re creating a new user, they can be created based on a number of different entities such as a contact, user, or account.

For this example, we’ll create a resource based on a contact, like below:

New Bookable Resource in Field Service

When assigning a bookable resource, be sure to go into their record and double check that their address has been populated. This will assist with scheduling later on.

Now that you have created a bookable resource, you’ll want to add more information, such as Resource Skills under the Project Service heading.

You can add characteristics (i.e. a skill) to identify the kinds of services they can provide, such as “Washer Hookup” in the below example.

Adding Resource Characteristics in Field Service

You can also add hourly rates for the resource.

Under Common, you can add the start and end location for a resource. You can either select a Resource Address (Address on their Account/Contact/User Record) or Organizational Unit Address (Business Unit Address).

Start and End Location in Field Service Resource Configuration

Now that you’ve got all this information entered – you’re almost ready to schedule a resource. Let’s move on to Work Hours under the bookable resource record you just created.

Here, you can set up a schedule for the resource, including a weekly schedule, work schedule for one day, or time off.

Weekly Resource Schedule in Field Service Dynamics 365

Under Set Up, select New Weekly Schedule.

Weekly Schedule in Dynamics 365 for Field Service

Click on the hyperlinked “Set Work Hours” to assign when a resource can be scheduled for services.

Set Work Hours in Field Service

Resource Territories

Finally, we need to set up the territories that a resource is available to work in.

In the Admin menu, select Resource Territories.

Add new resource territory in field service

Select “Add New Resource Territory.” Define the territory accordingly.

Define new resource territory in field service

There you have it! You’ve covered the basic steps to configure a bookable resource in D365 for Field Service.

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