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Dynamics 365 for eCommerce

A Streamlined Solution with Dynamicweb and Business Central

For eCommerce businesses, continuing to provide customers with the personalized online experiences they are looking for can be difficult as your business grows. It requires a flexible and robust, solution that not only optimizes your customer’s online experiences, but also provides your business with easy access to the data you need to make smart decisions in real-time.

With this webinar, you’ll learn how combining the power of Dynamics 365 Business Central and Dynamicweb can provide your business with a scalable, enterprise-ready solution that is customized for your business’ specific eCommerce needs.

Topics covered in this webinar include:

  • Why Dynamics 365 Business Central is the right choice for a growing eCommerce business
  • How Dynamicweb can provide your customers with the best possible experience across multiple channels while integrating seamlessly with Dynamics 365
  • How your business can get started building a customized solution that will grow with you today, and;
  • How Catapult’s simplified bundled pricing model can take the guesswork out costing your solution

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