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Business Central 2019 Wave 2 Release – Blog Series

Most people associate autumn with auburns and ochres, piles of fallen leaves, the morning chill, turkey dinners, and Trick-or-Treating. Most people. But not those of us in the Microsoft Dynamics community. No – for us, the only pumpkin-spiced goodness we eagerly look forward to is the ‘Fall release’ of the Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform which comes fully-loaded with a cornucopia (see what I did there?) of new functionality and improvements.

And this week our collectively-held bated breath found its release (no pun intended) with the official churn-out of the latest major version of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, lovingly referred to as the 2019 “Wave 2” release.

While there’s certainly a bevy of buzz and information out there on “What’s New”, we wanted to zero in on a few specific features and showcase some examples of why you should care. Here is a blog series that jumps into the functionalities and benefits of the wave 2 release:

Saving Grace: How Saving Filters in Business Central Can Change Your Life

Navigating the Cloud – Interface and Navigation Improvements in the Business Central Wave 2

Towing the Line – Editing Document Lines in Excel with Business Central

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