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Back in Motion is a private organization in British Columbia that specializes in rehabilitation for people with chronic back pain. Since Back in Motion started their inspirational journey in 1993 they have been dedicated to helping individuals get back to work so they can reach their full employment potential whilst living a healthy and fulfilling life.

Business Challenge

Back in Motion needed a scalable CRM solution to track and manage their patients information. With a growing customer base, Back in Motion required a system that would enable them to create appointments, assemble treatment teams and report on patient progress.

Back in Motion were using a legacy Microsoft CRM 3.0 solution that had been customized to meet the needs of their patient tracking and referral processes. The on-premises system was slow, outdated and increasingly difficult to maintain and update especially with remote work in place. Another challenge faced with this legacy solution was the difficulty to grow and expand the technological aspect of their business. While there are options to create solutions such as a customer facing portals and link them to an on-premises environment, they are costly to implement and even more costly to maintain. Back in Motion were looking for a solution that would not only fulfil their existing customer relationship management needs, but one that would easily evolve with their business needs over time.


A Power App Solution

Back in Motion partnered with Catapult to explore Microsoft’s SaaS business solutions and upgrade their system so that it was available in the cloud and worked with modern technology and devices.

Having dialed into Back in Motions original solution and business process requirements it became apparent that they did not need out of the box CRM entities such as Opportunities, Leads or Cases that come with full Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM licenses. A decision was made to upgrade their on-premises CRM solution into an online experience using Power Apps, a component of the Microsoft Power Platform that provides quick and easy app building and data insights.

"When we were faced with aging software that no longer met our requirements, Catapult worked with us to develop and build a system that not only met our needs but improved our workflow and will support us for years to come."

Marissa Tsonis, Senior Analyst, Back in Motion Rehab Inc.

Catapult took Back in Motion’s on-premises CRM and reimagined it within Microsoft’s Common Data Service or CDS (now referred to as “Dataverse”). The CDS is the platform that online Microsoft solutions are built on, a universal database that can be accessed by various Microsoft solutions including model-driven Power Apps.

The Power Platform

The Catapult team designed a Power App that gives Back in Motion the ability to track patient referrals, rehabilitation programs and the treatment team involved from a web browser and mobile friendly interface. The Power App aligns with business processes that were run on their on-premises solution which means the Back in Motion team have a familiar yet refreshed user experience.

The layout and design of the Power App was crafted to fit the business process of the end user and offers the ability to customize the web and mobile app with field controls (sliders, calendars, etc.) allowing for a much more accessible user interface. Entering and updating data has never been easier. Custom entities allow Back in Motion to retain all of their data on premises and store and report on it in the new world.

Transformed Business Processes

Catapult was able to leverage the Power Platform to help Back in Motion manage critical patient data in a secure online environment, from initial consultation with patients all the way to managing the delivery of unique patient programs. Back in Motion can also surface key patient metrics to non-power apps users by creating Power BI dashboards to report on patient referral data.

Working with Back in Motion, Catapult was also able to streamline their various document processes by utilizing the out of the box Word templates – something that was very time consuming in the CRM version 3.0 world. With a click of a button, users are able to generate various patient documentation instead of a lengthy Excel “p-merge” function they were using previously.

In the online world, Back in Motion have access to the latest in the technology stack, allowing them more access to the platform without the constraints of local network architecture. Having access to technology such as Canvas Apps and Microsoft Portals will give Back in Motion the freedom to innovate their solution as they see fit. Even functions such as reporting were previously done through an export script that displayed data within Excel. The newly built Power App features its own Power BI report to report on real time data. This allows Back in Motion to be free of a heavily customized reporting process and allows them to grow their patient tracking reporting functions along with their business.

Power BI

Future Excitement

The Power App has created excitement around business technology at Back in Motion. Conversations around data, reporting and future solutions are no longer a dreaded topic but instead a topic filled with curiosity and excitement. The Power App gives Back in Motion the opportunity to envision ideas and take advantage of low code solutions within the Microsoft ecosystem.

The Power App was designed to evolve with the needs of the business, whether that’s a Portal to gather client information or a Power Automate solution to send Microsoft forms to contacts as a survey. The opportunities are plentiful.

Keeping Pace with Technology

It’s important for SMBs to be able to keep pace with technology in order to stay relevant in today’s remote world. This starts with empowering the end user with the ability to mold their everyday technology to meet their needs. Transitioning to the Microsoft Online environment will allow companies to stay one step ahead.

Got questions about PowerApps and how they can help your business? Contact us today and one of our solution advisors will get in touch.

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