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Our Customer

ABI Wellness offers a transformative, evidence-based solution for people seeking to improve cognitive functions. Their proprietary Brain Enhance and Recovery System platform is helping everyday people recover more cognitive functions and improve their quality of life.

Unique Challenges

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales as a standalone solution is one of the most powerful CRM platforms available today, enabling salespeople to build strong relationships with their customers and take action based on data insights. When coupled with the capabilities of Power Automate, the breadth of Dynamics 365 Sales capabilities widens significantly by granting access to extended automation functions not native to Dynamics 365.

Recently a customer of ours presented a unique problem with their sales process. They were unable to accurately track specific information on their prospects throughout the buying journey and required a solution that could work hand-in-hand with Dynamics 365 Sales to help them achieve that. They needed Dynamics 365 Sales to list all records associated with a specific record in their CRM, duplicate these records, and reassociate them. We promise it’s not as complicated as it sounds – let us explain.

The customer we’re referring to is ABI Wellness, a leading provider of health care options for those living with and recovering from traumatic brain injuries. They presented us with a unique scenario: they had a custom record type associated with their Leads in CRM, in which they stored specific types of meeting notes & data relating to their pursuit of that potential customer. Upon qualification to an Opportunity in CRM, this custom table was not transferring the data within these custom records to the Opportunity record. This resulted in the irksome problem of having to pursue the originating Lead to be up to date on the historical records associated with the prospect since these notes were remaining on the Lead record and not transitioning to the newly created Opportunity – certainly not ideal for their busy Customer Success Managers who don’t have the time to go back and forth between records in CRM to consolidate accurate data.

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Better Together

Dynamics 365 could not solve this problem by itself – that’s because the notes we referred to are considered “child” records of that Lead, or associated records that have the original Lead as the parental link, and the system is unable to easily identify and list all of these “child” records. Dynamics 365 would need to be coupled with something even more powerful, to achieve the desired behavior. That’s where Power Automate comes in, Microsoft’s Service that helps create automated workflows between apps and services to synchronize files and data. By combining the extensive functionality and extendibility of both products, we were able to achieve desired outcomes.

Power Automate truly is the perfect choice when presented with a problem such as this, as it not only complements the existing capabilities of Dynamics 365 but extends many of these functions in ways that weren’t previously possible. The team at Catapult helped ABI Wellness overcome the challenge they faced with their sales process by creating a Power Automate Flow operation to spring into action when a new Opportunity was created from a Lead. From there, we instructed Flow to obtain all related rows in the custom table they had been using on Leads, and duplicate these rows, however, the duplicates would be assigned a relationship to the Opportunity. This has resulted in critical notes and their associated data following that prospect’s path from Lead to Opportunity, so the ABI team can quickly access historical data on that record without having to perform an arduous search.

Increased Efficiency

The ABI Wellness team can trust that they’ve got all the information they need presented to them within one record and speak confidently about prior communication they’ve had with that potential customer. This is increasing confidence in the data they’ve collected over time and improving efficiency – allowing the ABI team more time and attention to focus on the patients whose lives they help every day.

"Not having to search for the data we need and trusting that this data will follow our prospect’s along through their journey with us has increased efficiency and trust in the system, and allowed us to concentrate our time and effort on helping our clients."

Shawn Porter, Chief Operating Officer

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