Wholesale Distribution

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Wholesale Distribution

  • Automate manual processes that lengthen order-to-delivery time
  • Ensure staff can always access up-to-date inventory data
  • Reduce time employees spend on tedious tasks

Unify accounting, inventory and warehouse management, customer relationship management, dealer portals, eCommerce into a single system, providing real-time information on all areas of the business.  Enter data only once and reflect updates made in any process across the whole system.

Automate manual processes that hold you back by lengthening order-to-delivery time and ensure staff can access up-to-date inventory data. Reduce the amount of time employees need to spend on manual, tedious tasks so they can focus on more productive activities.

Collecting, displaying and analyzing data in a meaningful way is important if you’re going to improve processes, cut costs and identify productivity opportunities. Dynamics 365 with Power BI enables you to report on operational and financial data and proactively manage your customers, orders, inventory, and sales.

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