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Catapult Helpdesk Support for Dynamics 365

Catapult’s Dynamics 365 Helpdesk team is standing by to respond when you need support for Business Central or Customer Engagement apps. We recently made important changes impacting off contract customers who require occasional access to support services through the Helpdesk.

Introducing Support Cases

Prepaid support cases are now the mechanism for accessing helpdesk services. If no prepaid support cases are available at the time of the request, customers will be given the option to purchase a new bundle which will be credited to their account.

Each new request made to the helpdesk is considered a unique support case, with a number for tracking progress and status. Customers and their requestors can log new requests and view the status of open cases, and update case information in the support portal.

How are Cases Defined?

A case is defined as a single support issue and the reasonable effort that is required to resolve it. A single support issue is a problem that cannot be broken down into subordinate issues. If a problem consists of subordinate issues, each of these issues shall be identified and mapped to a separate case. Catapult’s Dynamics 365 Helpdesk team can assist with a variety of different types of requests, including the following:

  • System troubleshooting – Existing functionality not performing as expected, error messages, system performance.
  • General functionality questions – Access a Dynamics 365 subject matter experts who can offer insight into platform capabilities and functionality.
  • Refresher training – Schedule a review session to walk through a key process or function or how to use the software at an expert level.
  • Enhancement scoping – Review and evaluate new requirements, reports, ISV functionality or customizations.
  • Licensing and user administration – Add or remove licenses, change users’ entitlements
  • Other – Do you require support that doesn’t fall neatly into one of the categories above? If so, we’re ready to help.

What limits apply to prepaid cases?

Our goal with all requests is to respond quickly, investigate the issue or need, and resolve it quickly. In many situations, resolutions can be found quickly and efficiently. In the case of troubleshooting and break-fix situations, the Helpdesk team will attempt to replicate or observe the issue then seek an understanding of the root cause. Once the cause is known, the support lead may be able to provide a resolution on the spot, or in some cases additional effort will be required to solve it. If the matter is straightforward, support leads will resolve the issue and request that customers re-test. If it is more complex, the support lead will provide a Work Order and quote for services required to resolve the concern.

For general questions and refresher training, the support lead will investigate the need and determine the appropriate Catapult team member to render assistance. In many cases the support lead will be fully capable of provide the requested assistance. When access to senior subject-matter experts is required, sessions of up to one hour can be booked. If more time is needed, the customer will be presented with a Work Order for additional professional services.

In the case of enhancement analysis and scoping, the support lead will conduct an initial investigation to understand requirements and work with subject-matter-experts to recommend options, including fee estimates to configure or develop new functionality, test, train and deploy.

What services are provided under a prepaid support case?

Catapult defines a “case” as an entitlement to services and the reasonable effort that is required to address and resolve a request, subject to the following limitations:

  • Catapult defines the reasonable amount of effort to resolve a request as up to 2 hours of total effort, including triage and analysis.
  • If a request is determined to be ma​de up of a collection of related issues, Catapult may require the consumption of more than one (1) case entitlement.
  • If the request is large or complex, Catapult will assess the issue and advise the Customer of options including the provision of any Additional Professional Services that may be required.

When is support available?

Support is available between the hours of 8:00am EST and 8:00pm EST Monday through Friday, not including statutory holidays.

Is emergency support available outside of regular business hours?

Catapult will respond to critical issues outside of normal work hours including statutory holidays on a best effort basis but may not be able to resolve some issues until resources are available within normal support hours.

What is the typical Helpdesk Support process?

Customers log new requests via the Catapult Support Portal, email or phone, where they are picked up and triaged by the Catapult Support Team. The team will assess the nature of each request and assess the urgency as a function of business impact. During the triage stage, the support team will acknowledge the request and, in many cases, follow up with the requester for more details or schedule a meeting to review the concern. Once the case is triaged, the consultant will determine the actions needed to address it and the appropriate resources or subject-matter experts (SMEs) on the Catapult team. If the request cannot be resolved immediately or requires deeper analysis and troubleshooting, it will be scheduled for follow-up and resolution.

How quickly are new requests acknowledged and how are they prioritized for follow-up?

Our Helpdesk team works hard to acknowledge new requests as quickly as possible, usually the same business day. During period of peak volume, our team prioritizes requests based on business urgency according to the following guidelines:

Priority Description Response Timeframe
High Critical business disruption 2 Hours
Medium Inconvenience, moderate disruption Same Business Day
Low Non-disruptive issue Next Business Day

We have not used Catapult’s Helpdesk support for a while, can we have an orientation?

Yes! Catapult will onboard designated Customer team members into the Helpdesk process, including assignment of support portal logins and use of portal functionality.

What if our issue/need cannot be fully addressed with a Support Case?

When a Helpdesk request requires extensive troubleshooting, development, or if the request requires additional professional services, the Helpdesk will still perform an assessment and determine the effort required to fulfill the request. The customer will be provided with a Work Order describing the work to be performed and the deliverables, along with a fee quote and other relevant details. No additional work will be performed without express consent.

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