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ERP or CRM systems can fall out of sync with what the business needs now. “Phase Two” items left over from implementation may be unaddressed and power users may have ideas about how to improve the system. As businesses evolve to compete in the modern economy, it is essential to keep software capabilities aligned to business processes and users’ requirements for data insight and visibility.

We specialize in helping our clients get the most performance from their investments in ERP and CRM systems. We work with businesses to examine how well their systems are aligned to the way they business.

Keep Solutions Aligned to the Capabilities You Need

  • Optimization Strategies

Optimization Strategies

System feeling a bit shabby? Renovate!

For most companies, there are huge opportunities to improve business performance long after the initial implementation, once there has been time to stabilize and fully understand the capabilities of the technology. Catapult has helped dozens of companies transform their ERP and CRM systems from basic operational data capture platforms into workhorses that enable productivity, efficiency, and workflow automation.

User Experience Optimization

Even savvy users can get overwhelmed with standard forms and views may seem cluttered with unnecessary fields. Modern ERP and CRM systems are designed to promote an ideal user experience with familiar navigation based on Windows and Office standards. Catapult can help optimize the user experience and improve productivity by streamlining data entry, reducing clicks, introducing data validation, and tailoring functions and tasks based on users’ job function.

Business Intelligence, Analytics and Reporting

ERP and CRM systems capture tons of operational data. Accessing the data and turning it into meaningful, actionable insights is a great way to improve organizational performance. Using dashboards, Power BI, Excel, and 3rd party reporting platforms, Catapult can help you develop reporting to support business processes, management and executive insight, KPI tracking, and progress to goal.

Workflow and Process Automation

Automation can help keep business processes moving and flag items that require special attention before they become a problem. Using workflow, business rules, alerts, and notifications, plus built-in intelligence and predictive insights, it is possible to automate business processes and keep your people focused on higher-value tasks and prioritizing the most impactful work.

New Modules and Features

After the initial deployment once things have had a chance to stabilize, there can be an opportunity to increase the impact of your investment by rolling out new modules or features. This could be manufacturing in an ERP context, customer service or marketing automation in a CRM context. Most companies do not use the full extent of capabilities that are available under their software licensing – enabling new capabilities is a great way to drive more value.

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"Catapult has been a fantastic partner for our organization. With Catapult’s expertise, we have successfully migrated our infrastructure in the cloud, we are on track to implement the Supply Chain functionality of our ERP system globally, and we are enjoying the experience, flexibility, and thoughtful advice of their support services. They continue to impress us with their transparency and dedication to client service.”

Jarid Siegel

Associate Director of Financial Systems and Operations,
Partners in Health

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