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  • Solution Management Details

Solution Management Details

Congratulations, Your ERP or CRM Solution is Up and Running!

Now guarantee the business impact you set out to achieve with a tailored plan for solution management. It’s tempting to think that once your solution has been deployed and the heavy lifting of implementation is behind you, productivity will take off and the all the benefits promised by the new solution will start flowing. A bit of investment in ongoing management of the system and the processes that govern its operation can deliver significant benefits in stability, user adoption, and business efficiency.

Governance Best Practices

Good governance means having established processes to deal with the vast array of ongoing support needs that an ERP or CRM system requires. This includes everything from managing users and permissions, to backups, database maintenance, and system updates, to enhancement requests and new reports. Ad hoc or reactive approaches to dealing with these needs can be costly and is usually ineffective. Talk to us about how to bring governance and control to your ERP or CRM system.

Full Service Solution Administration

As the Cloud becomes more significant, day-to-day administration needs are reduced and can be made considerably more simplified. Even with these improvements, most companies can’t spare resources to really get up to speed and competent in the administrative aspects of your system. Outsourcing solution admin functions to Catapult ensures that your team is focused on what they do best, and your system is always tuned to whatever needs arise.

Continuous Improvement

As end users get familiar with the solution, the potential for business impact expands. Catapult will bring governance and a systematic approach to evolving your system and the way your business uses it. Maximize your ERP and CRM investment by keeping users’ skills sharp and business processes aligned.

Backup Your Most Important Data

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Manage Your ERP and CRM Investments

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Enhance Your Solution to Meet New Needs

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Talk to our Solution Management Experts

Jeff Bacon

VP Client Development

Blair Hurlbut

Team Lead Business Central

Ramin Marghi

Senior Consultant
Marine Learning Systems

“Catapult got our sales team operational very quickly, and we’re now self-sufficient on CRM. The project team was very knowledgeable, delivered a high-quality technical solution, and provided valuable guidance about best practices. With this solution in place and Catapult’s support, we are well positioned to achieve our business goals.”

Peter Frankel

Vice President, Sales and Marketing,
Marine Learning Systems

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