Solution governance is often overlooked by companies as they ramp up on new ERP and CRM systems. Enterprise software solutions are a complicated web of moving parts – data flows in and out every day, sometimes through integrations to other business software, they are deeply intertwined with business processes, and crunch data into reports that yield insight into business performance. Outside the usual day-to-day running of the system, the real opportunity for business impact is to continuously re-evaluate processes and system capabilities with a view to maximizing performance and impact.

Catapult provides leadership and support to progressive companies that need access resources and programs to manage all aspects of system operation, administration, and business process alignment.

Stay in Control and Manage Risk

Talk to our Solution Management Experts

Jeff Bacon

VP Client Development

Blair Hurlbut

Team Lead Business Central

Ramin Marghi

Senior Consultant
Marine Learning Systems

“Catapult got our sales team operational very quickly, and we’re now self-sufficient on CRM. The project team was very knowledgeable, delivered a high-quality technical solution, and provided valuable guidance about best practices. With this solution in place and Catapult’s support, we are well positioned to achieve our business goals.”

Peter Frankel

Vice President, Sales and Marketing,
Marine Learning Systems

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