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Go-Live is only the beginning.

At Go-Live, a system has not had time to stabilize in real-world conditions, where users are overwhelmed and new requirements continue to surface.

Real success with ERP and CRM is achieved through focused efforts to evolve systems, business processes, and user productivity over time. Catapult delivers unprecedented support for your ERP and CRM systems.

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Support Services We Offer:

Monitoring and Maintenance

Regular application and infrastructure monitoring identifies system performance, stability and scalability risks, and relevant software server updates. Stop fighting-fires and paying for expensive break-fix support. Talk to Catapult about scheduled system monitoring and maintenance.

Cloud Backup

When the unexpected happens, peace-of-mind is knowing that your system will be back online quickly and your data restored. To prevent data and productivity loss, Catapult offers a secure, automated cloud-backup service with a guaranteed recovery window to protect your valuable ERP and CRM information.

Responsive Support

Even the best-tested solution can run into trouble from time to time. Catapult delivers a standardized process for managing issues as they arise. You get the help you need from a specialist on the same business day. Let Catapult handle the troubleshooting and problem solving so you can get back to business faster.

Continuous Improvement and Adoption

As end users get familiar with the solution, the potential for business impact expands. Catapult will bring governance and a systematic approach to evolving your system and the way your business uses it. Maximize your ERP and CRM investment by keeping users’ skills sharp and business processes aligned.

Our ERP and CRM project experience extends across multiple industries and complexities.

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