Catapult offers managed services that enable customers to outsource important and often overlooked workloads to keep ERP and CRM systems performing at their best. Regular care and maintenance is critical to avoid disruptive problems that can happen when databases fill up, indexes or data become corrupt, critical services and processes fail, or memory and CPU capacity get overwhelmed. Regular updates for operating systems, applications, and databases need to be installed to ensure security and optimal performance.

Catapult takes on the critical technology and business workloads that your team has no time for and takes care of all the tedious maintenance tasks that make the difference between smooth running systems and grinding to a halt.

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  • Azure Maintenance & Monitoring

  • Solution Administration

  • Backup & Disaster Recovery

Azure Maintenance & Monitoring

Optimize Cloud Infrastructure Performance

Many of the issues that surface as support incidents are avoidable. Monitoring Azure virtual machines is a low-cost risk mitigation that surfaces potential issues before they become a problem. This allows customers to explore and evaluate preventative measures without the urgency and higher costs typically associated with resolving reactive issue in their test and production environments. Catapult can proactively monitor the Azure virtual servers using dashboards and alerts.

Specific attention will be paid to:
  • CPU Utilization, Memory Utilization, Disk I/O
  • Event Log - Application Event, System Event, SQL Server Event
  • Security and threat detection
  • Connectivity monitoring (hybrid environments)
  • Integration monitoring
  • Anti-Virus verification and updates
Regular Azure maintenance typically includes:
  • Windows Server updates
  • SQL Server updates
  • SQL Server optimization
  • ERP and CRM application updates

Solution Administration

Focus on doing business, not managing software

Dynamics 365 and Acumatica solutions are SaaS-based and performance is optimized by Microsoft as part of the end-user SLA. Customers need only to manage the solution itself to ensure it is optimized. Catapult takes on these important workloads to ensure the solution is kept up-to-date and allow customers to focus on running their businesses.

Typical tasks include:
  • Storage monitoring
  • Data quality monitoring
  • Subscription and license administration
  • Software updates
  • Integration monitoring

Backup & Disaster Recovery

How much data can your company afford to lose?

How long can you afford to be offline? Events ranging from human error and server issues to power outages, fires, floods, and earthquakes can take systems down. Most companies have a general IT backup strategy but have not examined the specific requirements for backing up their ERP and CRM systems. When the unexpected happens, peace-of-mind is knowing that your system will be back online quickly and your data restored. To prevent data and productivity loss, Catapult offers a secure, automated cloud-backup service with a guaranteed recovery window to protect your valuable ERP and CRM information.

This service includes:
  • Daily full database backup with one week retention
  • Hourly transaction backup with one week retention
  • Weekly full database backup with a three-month retention
  • SLA-driven restore service
  • Backup maintenance and integrity testing

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