Bringing the Cloud Down to Earth

  • Cloud Platform Details

Cloud Platform Details

Bringing the Cloud Down to Earth

Large-scale data centers and services like Microsoft Azure have revolutionized cloud computing and made it possible for companies to run their businesses with no local infrastructure. We are helping more and more customers migrate onsite tech to the cloud and enjoy the freedom, lower costs, flexibility, options, and increased reliability it provides.

Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure is more than a state-of-the-art global network of data centers. Azure is a complete cloud computing platform with more than 100 integrated services available to build and deploy rich solutions. Services range from storage and databases to security and identity, IoT, AI, and cognitive services. Let Catapult show you how to build a complete technology platform for your business in the Cloud with Microsoft Azure.

Full Cloud or Hybrid? You Decide

Moving to the Cloud isn’t an all-or-nothing decision. If you’re like most companies, there may be important and business critical systems where running on-premise makes sense. Cloud maturity has finally reached a point where it is completely realistic to deploy some systems on virtual servers in the cloud, deploy other options on a SaaS basis, and run others still on-premise. Integrating is easier than ever before to create seamless single sign-on end-user experiences.

Manage Costs by Scheduling Server Availability

Cloud computing resources are billed on a utility basis. What this means is that consumption is the biggest factor that impacts expense. Catapult works with every client to determine exactly which cloud resources are needed at what times, and when they can be shut-down and restarted. By automatically scripting computing schedules we are able to achieve significant cost reductions.

SaaS or IaaS?

The Cloud represents a shift from owning technology resources to paying for what you consume, i.e., a “services” model. Some solutions like Dynamics 365, Office 365, and Acumatica are offered on a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) basis, which means that the vendor provisions and manages all of the necessary server resources behind the scenes and you access the solution via a browser. If you own licenses for an ERP solution like Dynamics NAV, you can host it on Cloud infrastructure and access it through web, Windows or mobile clients.

Dynamics NAV in the Cloud

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Migrate Infrastructure to Microsoft's Azure Platform

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Deploy CloudERP With Zero Upfront Investment

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Talk to our Cloud Platform Experts

Jeff Bacon

VP Client Development

Blair Hurlbut

Team Lead Business Central

Jeff Bickle

Team Lead Customer Engagement
Marine Learning Systems

“Catapult got our sales team operational very quickly, and we’re now self-sufficient on CRM. The project team was very knowledgeable, delivered a high-quality technical solution, and provided valuable guidance about best practices. With this solution in place and Catapult’s support, we are well positioned to achieve our business goals.”

Peter Frankel

Vice President, Sales and Marketing,
Marine Learning Systems

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