SaaS. IaaS. PaaS. Software, infrastructure and platforms delivered "as a Service" represents an important shift in the way enterprises access technology resources. Far more than a change in technology, for Customers, the Cloud means not paying for capacity you do not need, not getting stuck with assets they no longer want or need, and having flexibility to switch providers.

Catapult helps customers make the shift from outmoded technology models to services-based solutions, and optimize their use of technology through adoption services, managed services, and outcome services.

Bringing the Cloud Down to Earth

Talk to our Cloud Platform Experts

Jeff Bacon

VP Client Development

Blair Hurlbut

Team Lead Business Central

Jeff Bickle

Team Lead Customer Engagement
Marine Learning Systems

“Catapult got our sales team operational very quickly, and we’re now self-sufficient on CRM. The project team was very knowledgeable, delivered a high-quality technical solution, and provided valuable guidance about best practices. With this solution in place and Catapult’s support, we are well positioned to achieve our business goals.”

Peter Frankel

Vice President, Sales and Marketing,
Marine Learning Systems

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