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We are excited at Catapult to head back to the CRMUG Summit and the NAVUG Summit in Tampa, Florida this year. Not only do we enjoy the Florida weather over what’s available in Vancouver, British Columbia in October, but also we are proud to have our own Monica Heir presenting at this year’s CRMUG Summit as well as Jeff Landeen sitting on the Stump the Experts: Dev Best Practices panel for the NAVUG Summit.



Based on her popular blog post, 5 Outlook Tips for Dynamics CRM Users, Heir will expand on this practical content to teach eight ways to leverage the relationship between Microsoft Outlook and Dynamics CRM. That’s three brand new tips, and you’ll have to attend the session to find out what they are!

Mark your calendar!

Monica’s detailed and interactive session will show you how to make the most out of the marriage of Outlook and CRM with customized synchronizations for your organization as well as end user training and tips to increase adoption. Attending this session at the CRMUG Summit you will learn how to:

  1. Manage CRM with Outlook server-side synchronization.
  2. Customize CRM to Outlook synchronization settings and/or filters.
  3. Apply CRM email templates to Outlook.
  4. Set up CRM global address book
  5. Pin important CRM views in Outlook.
  6. Personalize CRM to Outlook folder structure.
  7. Prioritize CRM records with color categories.
  8. Utilize CRM within the Outlook web application.

[iconheading type=”h5″ style=”fa fa-calendar” color=”#34b233″]Friday, October 14th from 8:45 AM to 9:45 AM
8 Ways to Make CRM & Outlook Work for You
Presenter: Monica Heir, CRM Application Consultant
Ouch, I know it’s early – especially for those on Pacific Time. Grab a strong coffee and join us; you won’t regret the few less moments of shut eye when you put these practical tips in action in your organization. We look forward to meeting you there.

Popular Dynamics CRM Resources

For other practical advice, tips and training for Microsoft Dynamics CRM, check out these other popular blog posts:

Beyond our popular articles, we of course recommend the Dynamics CRM User Group as an excellent CRM resource as well as MS Dynamics World, just to name a couple.

Plus, the folks at Microsoft seem to know and write about CRM fairly well on the Dynamics CRM Team Blog.


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NAVUG Summit Conference 2016

Our Senior NAV Specialist, Jeff Landeen, will join the panel of esteemed NAV experts at this year’s NAVUG Summit to discuss best practices for development on Microsoft Dynamics NAV. It is a great opportunity to get your toughest NAV development questions answered by the seasoned professionals, such as Landeen, who have had years of experience with Dynamics NAV implementations, upgrades and support.

Mark your calendar!

This open Q&A session is highly interactive and engaging. We’ve found during past sessions you learn just as much from the questions your colleagues ask as the NAV experts themselves. Landeen is eager to answer you questions and we eagerly await a worthy adversary to stump him. The gauntlet has been throw Jeff. Game on!
[iconheading type=”h5″ style=”fa fa-calendar” color=”#34b233″]Thursday, October 13 from 3:00 PM to 4:15 PM in Meeting 5
Stump the Experts: Dev Best Practices
Panelist: Jeff Landeen, Senior NAV Specialist

Popular Dynamics NAV Resources

For other practical advice, tips and training for Microsoft Dynamics NAV, check out these other popular blog posts:

Beyond our popular articles, we of course recommend the Dynamics NAV User Group and MS Dynamics World.

We also wouldn’t leave out the product experts on Dynamics NAV Team Blog.

How to Register

If you are a member of CRMUG or NAVUG, click the respective links below and follow the instructions to register:

[icon type=”fa fa-arrow-right” color=”#34b233″ fontsize=”16″]  2016 NAVUG Summit Registration

[icon type=”fa fa-arrow-right” color=”#34b233″ fontsize=”16″]  2016 CRMUG Summit Registration

The cost for each Summit depends on your membership status with NAVUG and CRMUG. If you have not yet become a member, you can start your membership today and get discounts on your staff’s Summit 2016 registrations.

[icon type=”fa fa-arrow-right” color=”#34b233″ fontsize=”16″]  Become a NAVUG Member

[icon type=”fa fa-arrow-right” color=”#34b233″ fontsize=”16″]  Become a CRMUG Member

If you would like more information on the 2016 Microsoft Dynamics Summit, please reach out to myself ( or one of the team members at Catapult. We look forward to seeing you there!

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Save the Date! October 11-14, 2016 in Tampa, Florida

We hope to see you both at CRMUG Summit 2016 and NAVUG Summit 2016!

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