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One, Two, Three, Catapult Goes on a Hiring Spree!

Loaded Up and Ready To Go Catapult’s mission is to provide unprecedented support for ERP and CRM systems. Our ability to accomplish that mission relies upon the people we have on our team. With that said, we are excited to announce the additions of Katherine Quan, Rowley Luo, and Simon Kral to the Catapult team! Katherine … Continued

[Webinar] “Advanced”, Advanced Find in Dynamics 365: When you need to know more than just “Where’s Waldo?”

Join Catapult expert Daryl Orwin as he describes more advanced methods for surfacing data Sometimes, finding Waldo isn’t enough. Join Catapult’s Daryl Orwin (Senior CRM Developer & Consultant) as he explains how you can use “Advanced,” Advanced Finds in Dynamics CRM/Dynamics 365 to leverage your data to find Waldo, Wenda, Wizard Whitebeard and the rest of … Continued

[Webinar] I’ve got 99 Problems, but Data Management in Dynamics 365 isn’t one

Join Catapult expert William Hartanto Widjaja as he explains the importance of data management in dynamics 365 CRM Data is like gold: valuable and worth protecting. “Bad data” – or a lack of data altogether – can hinder your company’s ability to build a holistic view of its customers and communicate with them in a meaningful … Continued

[Webinar] Beauty is in the eye of the user: A practical guide to user interface design in Microsoft Dynamics 365

Join Catapult expert William Hartanto Widjaja as he highlights the importance of User Interface (UI) design for Microsoft Dynamics 365/CRM and provides tips for your solution! Your CRM has the potential to be one of your company’s most valuable assets. But only if it was designed with the user in mind. By following certain best … Continued

Catapult welcomes a new member to the team!

The More Force, the More Powerful the Catapult We are excited to announce the addition of a new member to the Catapult team: Darshan Honale! At Catapult our aim is to provide Unprecedented Support for ERP and CRM systems, and consequently, to enable our clients to achieve sustained business performance improvements. With the addition of Darshan to our expert team, … Continued

Substance vs. Style: Why we’re shifting focus to Microsoft Dynamics 365

Since announcing our designation as a Salesforce Partner, Catapult has taken part in several Salesforce implementations and projects. Our work with Timia Capital is just one example. However, going forward we’ve decided to shift our focus completely to Microsoft Dynamics 365. This decision is based on the question of substance vs. style. In other words … Continued

Precision Gutters: Unclogging Inefficiencies with Catapult using Dynamics NAV

“We are a diversified service and manufacturing company that drives a high volume of business that requires superior capabilities from an enterprise software system and a high level of expertise from a services partner.”  – Martin Dennis, Owner, Precision Gutters LTD Precision Gutters Precision Gutters is a services, manufacturing and distribution company that has serviced Vancouver … Continued

The Lever & The Fulcrum: Catapult and Salesforce Enable TIMIA Capital to Connect Capital Markets

What do TIMIA Capital and Catapult ERP have in common? Beyond the fact that they both owe their names to the Ancient Greeks, both companies also possess a deep understanding of how technology can enable companies to achieve efficiency, scalability and their business goals. In this case study we will explain how Catapult enabled TIMIA to harness technology … Continued

New Employees Add Force to Catapult

We are excited to announce the addition of two new members to the Catapult Team: Hany Lotfy (NAV Consultant) and William Hartanto Widjaja (Senior crm consultant) The More Force, the More Powerful the Catapult At Catapult our aim is to provide Unprecedented Support for ERP and CRM systems, and consequently, to enable our clients to achieve … Continued

[Podcast] Future-Proofing Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Recently our CEO, Elliot Fishman, sat down with MS Dynamics World’s editor, Jason Gumpert, to discuss the importance of upgrading and maintaining Dynamics NAV to increase the longevity and capability of your system in the podcast “MSDW: Future-Proofing Microsoft Dynamics NAV.” In the podcast Fishman and Gumpert discuss the Dynamics NAV upgrade paradigm shift, the … Continued

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