Township of Langley Digitally Transforms Community Service with Dynamics 365

The Township of Langley partners with Catapult to optimize the online customer experience using Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement. Find out how this solution improved the way residents access community services.   


Building a Unified Experience

"The main question for us was how can we provide a unified experience where from one system we can collect and distribute requests?"

 - Shane Barnaby, Applications Manager at Township of Langley

Streamlining Processes:

Built a case system that enables the Township to analyze problems or requests from the community

Developed a "cart system" so that citizens can simply request the Township to issue them a new bin for their property

Case information is now tracked in a centralized location so the team can see how many cases are assigned, and to whom

Simplified the way citizens are consuming information by building a work order and issue management system for Township parks

"With support from Catapult we are slowly beginning to provide the level of service that we strive to achieve for our citizens."
- Shane Barnaby, Applications Manager at Township of Langley

About The Interviewee

Shane Barnaby is an experienced Applications Manager who has worked at the Township of Langley for the last 10 years. He graduated from British Columbia institute of Technology and has a demonstrated history of working in the government industry.  

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