RPC New Brunswick Upgrades to Dynamics 365 Business Central

Learn how RPC partnered with Catapult to implement a modern financial management infrastructure using Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.  Find out how this is helping them deliver major improvements.


Mapping Out a Better Future

"The relationship was strong because there was trust in both directions, meaning we got help when needed. It was kind of magical when I think about it."

 - Beverley Corey, Financial Controller at RPC.

Accelerated Efficiency:

Timesheets are now done within Business Central which has led to an incredible surge in efficiency

New, automated, and technology-enabled financial processes is saving staff time

Accounts Payable are no longer having to spend their time photocopying invoices 

Admin review and payroll is now processed and approved in Business Central making the process much more seamless

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About The Interviewee

RPC Financial Controller Beverley Corey has a solid accounting background, and has significant experience with the full accounting cycle, including preparation for month end, and year end, with a specialization in reconciliations, asset management and working papers.

Beverley strives to provide the most reliable, current, and material data to stakeholders. She believes that a good accountant, like a detective, uses skill and intuition to solve the most difficult cases, sifting through data to present key information with accuracy and proper context. 

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