Acumatica 2017 R2’s Improved User Interface

Looking Back at History Software user interface and experience have always been related to user adoption. A well thought out user interface is critical in order for software or apps to be successful. Countless great ideas have been ruined by not investing enough time and energy into user interface and experience. As an example, do … Continued

How to Create and Use Mail Merge Templates in Dynamics 365

Removing the Hassle Maintaining communications with your customers or prospects is key to any business. At the same time though, personalizing every email can be a time-consuming task. As an alternative, you can create mass emails but lose the personalized touch as a result, especially when it comes to handling sensitive or financial information unique … Continued

Digital Transformation and Dynamics 365: Catch That Wave!

The Tidal Wave of Disruptive Technology Dynamics 365 was developed in response to the undeniable forces of digital transformation that are radically changing the business landscape. Regardless of industry, the priority lies in moving content, processes and interactions into online experiences, where they can tracked, managed, analyzed, and improved. This transition is the gateway to the modern … Continued

Outlook App vs. Outlook Client: The Battle for Dynamics 365 Supremacy

The Match We’ve All Been Waiting For Outlook integration has always been one of the most coveted features of Microsoft’s CRM platform. For as long as we can remember, we have had the trusted Dynamics CRM Outlook Client there to help us track email, convert leads to opportunities, manage contacts and accounts, and schedule appointments, tasks and … Continued

Advanced Find in Microsoft Dynamics 365: Knowing More Than “Where’s Waldo?”

Bring Out The “Advanced” in Advanced Find Using Advanced Find in Microsoft Dynamics 365 for simple searches is like using satellite imagery to find your car. With that kind of power, there is so much more you can accomplish. Imagine being able to map out the landscape, create a navigation system, and get real-time traffic … Continued

Microsoft Dynamics 365 User Interface Design: Quick Wins for a Quick Makeover

Beauty is in the “exPERIENCE” of the User Your Microsoft Dynamics 365 solution can be a powerful asset. One of the most important factors influencing its potential impact is the user experience. An efficient user interface can lead to successful user adoption, but the opposite is true as well. A solution can meet all the functional requirements and still fail if … Continued

Return Order in Dynamics 365 for Financials: The Easy Way to Manage Return Orders

As Microsoft continuously improves Dynamics 365 for Financials Business Edition, new functionality is released monthly. This new functionality allows for clients running Dynamics 365 for Financials to incorporate this functionality and adjust their internal processes. In the latest release, Microsoft enabled Return Order management. Organizations that have inventory and already implemented Dynamics 365 have a … Continued

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