Advanced Find in Microsoft Dynamics 365: Knowing More Than “Where’s Waldo?”

Bring Out The “Advanced” in Advanced Find Using Advanced Find in Microsoft Dynamics 365 for simple searches is like using satellite imagery to find your car. With that kind of power, there is so much more you can accomplish. Imagine being able to map out the landscape, create a navigation system, and get real-time traffic … Continued

Microsoft Dynamics 365 User Interface Design: Quick Wins for a Quick Makeover

Beauty is in the “exPERIENCE” of the User Your Microsoft Dynamics 365 solution can be a powerful asset. One of the most important factors influencing its potential impact is the user experience. An efficient user interface can lead to successful user adoption, but the opposite is true as well. A solution can meet all the functional requirements and still fail if … Continued

Return Order in Dynamics 365 for Financials: The Easy Way to Manage Return Orders

As Microsoft continuously improves Dynamics 365 for Financials Business Edition, new functionality is released monthly. This new functionality allows for clients running Dynamics 365 for Financials to incorporate this functionality and adjust their internal processes. In the latest release, Microsoft enabled Return Order management. Organizations that have inventory and already implemented Dynamics 365 have a … Continued

One, Two, Three, Catapult Goes on a Hiring Spree!

Loaded Up and Ready To Go Catapult’s mission is to provide unprecedented support for ERP and CRM systems. Our ability to accomplish that mission relies upon the people we have on our team. With that said, we are excited to announce the additions of Katherine Quan, Rowley Luo, and Simon Kral to the Catapult team! Katherine … Continued

Top 5 Tips to Manage Your Data Problems in Dynamics 365

In your business, data is GOLD: valuable and worth protecting. Bad data or a lack of data can hinder and even cripple your organization’s ability to build a holistic view of your business and your customers. Meanwhile, quality data can foster meaningful communication with clients. Therefore, you must define a data management strategy in Microsoft … Continued

How to Edit SiteMap Using the New Microsoft Dynamics SiteMap Designer

Is finding the information you need in your Microsoft Dynamics 365 (CRM) solution a bit like locating the mythical island of Atlantis?  If your sales, marketing or service teams are referencing this mythical island when trying to locate the right resource, it is time to start using the SiteMap features in Microsoft Dynamics 365. Image Source: National … Continued

[Webinar] “Advanced”, Advanced Find in Dynamics 365: When you need to know more than just “Where’s Waldo?”

Join Catapult expert Daryl Orwin as he describes more advanced methods for surfacing data Sometimes, finding Waldo isn’t enough. Join Catapult’s Daryl Orwin (Senior CRM Developer & Consultant) as he explains how you can use “Advanced,” Advanced Finds in Dynamics CRM/Dynamics 365 to leverage your data to find Waldo, Wenda, Wizard Whitebeard and the rest of … Continued

[Webinar] I’ve got 99 Problems, but Data Management in Dynamics 365 isn’t one

Join Catapult expert William Hartanto Widjaja as he explains the importance of data management in dynamics 365 CRM Data is like gold: valuable and worth protecting. “Bad data” – or a lack of data altogether – can hinder your company’s ability to build a holistic view of its customers and communicate with them in a meaningful … Continued

[Webinar] Beauty is in the eye of the user: A practical guide to user interface design in Microsoft Dynamics 365

Join Catapult expert William Hartanto Widjaja as he highlights the importance of User Interface (UI) design for Microsoft Dynamics 365/CRM and provides tips for your solution! Your CRM has the potential to be one of your company’s most valuable assets. But only if it was designed with the user in mind. By following certain best … Continued

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