Leveraging Dynamics NAV Events: Why you should consider it and what you need to know

The release of Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016 saw the introduction of Events – a new eventing model that bridges the gap between the technical and the functional to enable the application to respond to specific actions or behavior in in a prespecified manner.     In this blog, I’ll provide a brief introduction to Dynamics … Continued

Generating Financial Statements in Dynamics 365 Financials

Get the most of Dynamics 365 Financials with this handy guide to generating financial Statements. In this post, I’ll introduce the out of the box financial reporting capabilities of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Financials Business Edition.I’ll also explain how you can set up and generate key financial statements. More specifically, the Balance Sheet, Income Statement, Statement … Continued

I’ve got the Power! A beginner’s guide to Microsoft’s Power Pivot, Power Query, and Power BI

A power primer: What’s the difference between Power Query, Power Pivot and Power BI? It seems Microsoft has been running wild recently, throwing “Power” before and “365” after  many of their products! For those new to the “Power” suite of Microsoft data collection and analysis tools, it can be difficult to understand exactly what each product does. However, … Continued

Implementing Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales – Part 2: Set it and Forget it?

Implementing Microsoft Dynamics 365 for sales: DO YOU need a consulting partner? In part one of our “Implementing Microsoft Dynamics 365”  blog series, we said that while customers can easily deploy Dynamics 365 without assistance, working with a consulting services partner offers significant benefits. Maybe we’ll start with a quick disclaimer – we are a consulting services company. As … Continued

[Podcast] Microsoft Partner Outlook: Is Microsoft’s Cloud Channel Strategy in Full Bloom for FY2018?

Our CEO, Elliot Fishman, and VP Client Development, Jeff Bacon, sat down with MS Dynamics World’s editor, Jason Gumpert, to discuss the Microsoft Partner Outlook and how changes to the landscape are affecting the Catapult in terms of technology, service offerings and personnel. Listen to the full podcast here, or scroll down to read some … Continued

Keeping up with CASL: Get ready for new CASL provisions with Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Click Dimensions

Canada’s Anti-SPAM legislation (CASL) dates back to 2014. However, with the “Private Right of Action” provision coming into force this July, it’s critical that companies take another look at their email marketing practices. NOTE: The implementation of CASL’s new provisions has been suspended. Click here for more information. Have you ever received an email from … Continued

Meet me (and CRMUG) in St.Louis: Five things I learned at Focus 2017

UGFocus is the premier advanced-learning conference for Microsoft Dynamics Users. The conference encompasses four user groups: CRMUG, AXUG, NAVUG and PBIUG.     On May 8th and 9th my colleague, Monica Heir – Senior CRM Consultant, and I traveled to St.Louis to attend Focus 2017. As someone who is relatively new to the universe of … Continued

Exchange Excellence, Eh? Connecting Dynamics 365 for Financials and NAV 2017 Currency Exchange Rate Services to the Bank of Canada

Currency rates – the thing that makes us all multimillionaires in Indonesia and not so much in Kuwait. In our personal lives, currency rates may be the antagonists on our credit card statements while on vacation, however to a business they play an important and strategic role in managing both working capital, operational profitability, and … Continued

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