Keeping up with CASL: Get ready for new CASL provisions with Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Click Dimensions

Canada’s Anti-SPAM legislation (CASL) dates back to 2014. However, with the “Private Right of Action” provision coming into force this July, it’s critical that companies take another look at their email marketing practices. Have you ever received an email from an organization and thought “Huh, I didn’t sign up for that that!?” Chances are, the … Continued

Meet me (and CRMUG) in St.Louis: Five things I learned at Focus 2017

UGFocus is the premier advanced-learning conference for Microsoft Dynamics Users. The conference encompasses four user groups: CRMUG, AXUG, NAVUG and PBIUG.     On May 8th and 9th my colleague, Monica Heir – Senior CRM Consultant, and I traveled to St.Louis to attend Focus 2017. As someone who is relatively new to the universe of … Continued

Exchange Excellence, Eh? Connecting Dynamics 365 for Financials and NAV 2017 Currency Exchange Rate Services to the Bank of Canada

Currency rates – the thing that makes us all multimillionaires in Indonesia and not so much in Kuwait. In our personal lives, currency rates may be the antagonists on our credit card statements while on vacation, however to a business they play an important and strategic role in managing both working capital, operational profitability, and … Continued

A Long Time Ago, On A Power BI Dashboard Far, Far Away…

If you’ve opened a browser at any point today, you will undoubtedly have been made aware that it’s May the 4th today which is, as you most certainly already know, Star Wars Day! If I weren’t personally already a huge fan of the series, being a designated accountant working in the tech sector would have … Continued

From Zero to PowerShell Hero: 6 commands you need to know when using PowerShell and Dynamics 365

Introduced in 2007, PowerShell is a powerful task automation and configuration management framework that provides command-line interface for Windows and Linux administrators. Up your PowerShell game with these 6 commands for Dynamics 365 customization. Windows PowerShell is a task-based command line shell and scripting language that enables users to control and automate the administration, deployment, … Continued

Substance vs. Style: Why we’re shifting focus to Microsoft Dynamics 365

Since announcing our designation as a Salesforce Partner, Catapult has taken part in several Salesforce implementations and projects. Our work with Timia Capital is just one example. However, going forward we’ve decided to shift our focus completely to Microsoft Dynamics 365. This decision is based on the question of substance vs. style. In other words … Continued

Dashboards, Document Templates and File Versioning, Oh My! Tips and Tricks for the Acumatica User

It’s a universal law that if you click-through any tech blog on the internet, you’re statistically bound to stumble across one or more even-numbered “tips and tricks” post of some sort. Like pockets on pants, these nuggets can be as useful as they are ubiquitous. In keeping with this tradition, we’ve cobbled together some of … Continued

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